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Explorer Lai : Darnassus

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"I was a little shocked when I realized...I had never really been to Darnassus! Sure, I think I've gone through a few times....but it was so long ago, I barely remember. So far, it's been an experience! I would have to spend -years- here to learn everything I want to about the Kaldorei...if I could ever learn everything! So, I'll settle for smaller goals...maybe some food!

So far, what I've tried seems...actually kind of familiar. We were told stories when we were cubs, about before Pandaria separated and became shrouded in the mists...maybe there was some things that were shared between us and the Kaldorei!

I'm going to talk to some people here....I've heard that there might even be some elders that can remember Pandaren from before! I'll write more if I find out!

Oh! One more thing...I have to thank the Fireclaws for lending me this Super Snapper! Things look much nicer when you have a picture to go along with it, don't you think?"


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((This is going to be a

((This is going to be a really cute album, I think. Yay writing!))

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((Oh man, that's cuteness in

((Oh man, that's cuteness in the flesh.))

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