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Jormund sat in front of the shield, giving it one last look. He could clearly see his ancestors filling up the room. Probably the draenei priests could see them too… maybe, maybe not. If they did they didn’t manifest any feelings towards them. They all stood silently with staring at nothing waiting for the ritual to happen. There was no point in talking, Jormund knew, they know and that was more powerful than just pretty words of farewell. 

Minutes later the draenei began their incantation, a dim golden glow enveloped Jormund and the shield making, a thin thread of light poked out from the green gem and went straight to Jormund’s forehead then to the chest of the empty Vigilant standing behind him. 

"We will begin the process commander Rhane. Please keep your mind clear and your body still." 

The paladin closes his eyes letting himself drift away inside his mind, doing as he was told he tried focusing on the stronger memory he had in order to keep himself occupied while the priests worked. Taking a deep breath he let a smile curve his lips.

He had picked a simple memory. From the time he was a father back on Southshore. Their house was small, humble, abandoned when the last owner died of old age. His parent’s house was there, but he couldn’t bear using it for his own family. Jormund smiled as he watched through the window chuckling at his younger self panicking over the baby crying… using a cloth mask with some perfume to keep the baby’s smell at bay while changing his diapers… of course Cassandra was there to oversee the whole endeavor tightening up the knots… she was as nervous as he was. It was their first time as parents so nobody could blame them for making mistakes.

"Look out!!"

A voice pulled him away from the happy couple. It was female, familiar… it was impossible…

Jormund instinctively rolled out of the window as a spear landed on the place he was before getting through the wall of the house. When he looked up a gurubashi troll axe in hand was already jumping on him, Jormund caught him by his wrists before the axe could split his skull open. A sudden flash blinded him and the head of the berserker was no more, the body falls on the grass making a pool of blood.

"Whew… that was close wasn’t it!" the owner of the voice approaches pulling him up. 

Jormund frowned at the apparition, it couldn’t be nothing else.

"L… Lilith? How?" he rubs his temple and looked back at the house. Younger Jormund and Cassandra were tucking the baby on his new crib.
"Huh?" the female blood elf looked at herself. "Oh! Huh… this is surprising, I didn’t expect you’ll pick this form for your subconscious. Do you feel guilty or something?"
"My… subconscious?"
"What, did you expect to embark yourself in this whole brain-conduit thing without your subconscious to say something about it? Please…"
"But… why Lilith?" Jormund asked dazed, the projection was doing a good job of impersonating her.
"Heck if I know. That’s all you buddy, I’m just here to keep you safe."
"Safe? From what?"
"You know that delving on your ancestors memories can be dangerous. You can lose yourself in them with ease. Now it’s even worse. The memories are being merged together, theirs, yours, the eredar’s. They are all being mixed together. As a means of self-preservation, your mind created me in order to guide you and keep you and your memories intact." Lilith kicks the troll’s corpse as it fades out and vanishes. "In other words, there’ll be more than just bloodthirsty headhunters lurking about."

Jormund looked back to the house, it was fading gradually and the effort of keeping the memory as clear as possible was getting difficult…