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Visitor [AU Ivi]

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A broken ankle meant Ivinara had been forced to sit out the first assault on Blackrock Foundry. She was still mad at herself for letting her guard down and sustaining the injury earlier in the week. Her own expertise and the garrison medic told her to stay off her hooves for another few days, but a trip to the kitchen for a midnight snack wouldn't cause anything other than some temporary pain.

A few cooked saberfish later and she was on her way to her room once more. As she opened the door, the lamps and candles in the room lit up – a convenient enchantment of Henii's. To her surprise though, she was greeted as she stepped inside.

A draenei woman, as tall and pale as the paladin though with a thinner frame, sat in the plush chair in the corner of her room. Silky, brown hair fell down around her sharp face and a soft, charming laugh escaped her dark grey lips before she spoke. “I hate to see you in such a pathetic state. I expect more from you.”

Ivinara froze, her face stuck in a state of shock. She attempted to speak but as she did the other woman brought a slender finger up to cover her thin lips and Ivi found her voice had escaped her.

“There's so much to talk about, but your mage and the other you will be back soon and they may interrupt so I do not have long.” The woman radiated with light as she stood up and made her way to the paladin. She lifted a soft hand to caress the immobile Ivinara's cheek. “Do you understand now why I've done what I have? I know all about the travelers from the other time and the world they come from. Demon blood or not, the orcs are simply too much for your Alliance to handle.” She stepped around the paladin, her gaze running along Ivi like a stalking beast sizing up its prey. “And the orcs are only one of countless threats. To survive, to thrive, you need so much more power.”

Ivinara, still unable to move her body, tried to keep her eyes on the intruder. Her mind ached as she attempted to call out over the mental link to Henii, the other Ivinara, or even Duvaan, but she was completely cut off.

“I'm sorry, but I had to put a stop to that for now. Like I said, we already do not have very much time and I won't have you cutting it even shorter.” The woman gave Ivi's robed back a soft pat before taking a seat once more. “I suppose the first thing we should discuss is Kes'a-”

At the mention of her husband's name, Light surged through the paladin's body. She tried to shout though her voice continued to fail, but she could move and that was all she really wanted. She quickly closed the distance between herself and the intruder, slugging the woman hard enough to send her chair toppling back. Just as quickly as the Light embraced her, she felt it pulled away and was frozen again.

The woman, just as calm as before, got to her hooves and smoothed out her dark dress. “You certainly inherited your father's tenacity and recklessness. I thought you were ready to talk, but...another time then.”


The smell of burning saberfish filled Ivinara's nostrils and caused her to jolt up. She was at the kitchen table with a stream of drool coating her arm. She scrambled to her hooves to retrieve her ruined dinner and dump the burnt fish into the garbage. The dream had taken away her appetite so she trudged back to her room, relieved to find everything as she left it.




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((Dream, vision, altered

((Dream, vision, altered state--creepy indeed! At first the desc seemed to indicate Rhaala, but the continued "discussion" and detail hint at a much older relative. o.o ))