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“Well it’s done, I think, yes yes?” Nira stated head quirking to the side as she looked over the machine that stood in front of her. Standing nearly twenty feet in height the machines appearance gave it the look of a Draenei Vigilant crossed with gnomish technology with several appearance traits of Telredor Prime thrown in.

Delnar puffed a cigar beside his own eyes gazing over the machine, “Aye lass, though its effectiveness is still unknown.”

The goggled gnome Kezal scurried over clipboard inn hand as she spoke up in her high pitched cheery voice, “Well programming is the biggest concern, since we know materials wise its armored hide is nearly invulnerable to small arms. So like a tank an opponent will have to bring bigger guns to bear. Though given its design it’s joints and photoreceptors are vulnerable to precision strikes.”

“No machine will be completely invincible, no no,” Nira clasped her hands together to keep from fidgeting, her tail still wiggling in pent up excitement.

“Well, might as well get this show on the road lass.”

The tinkerer nodded before she stepped forward towards the machine, deftly clambering up it towards the chest which was still open at the moment exposing the main crystal core. Once she climbed up to where she could access the core Nirahsa starting making the last connections, securing them in place before manipulating several encryption crystals. When the last one clicked into place a strong thrum kicked in as the core began to glow.

Nira dropped back down onto the ground and moved back over to Delnar and Kezal as the walker slowly came to life. The chest plates slid back into place hiding and protecting the core as the thick plates locked togethered. The entirety of the machine seemed to shudder as power reached the legs and arms, mechanical hands clasping together momentarily before multiple photoreceptors began to glow purple.

“Titan Class Walker, Online. Designation: Risha,” The walker boomed in a reverberating tone in the higher octaves. “Weapons Online. Motor Control Online. Defensive Systems Online. Targetting Systems Online. All Systems Operating At Peak Efficiency. Reviewing Primary Mission: Provide Combat Support To Alliance Soldiers.”

“Well it hasn’t gone crazy and started blastin’ everyone, “ Delnar took a long drag from his cigar.

“Risha, who is standing infront of you?” Nirahsa observed the big walker looking for anything out of place.

“Recognize, Creator Nirahsa, Creator Delnar and Creator Kezal”

“We still need to do some tests, outside the garrison just for safety measures,” Kezal remarked while jotting down several notes.

“Yes yes, Risha pick up your secondary weapon and follow us!”

“Confirmed,” The machine replied before taking a step forward with a heavy thud gears whirling as it kneeled down to pick up what looked to be a very large rifle, one that looked like it’d be more at home on a tank if it wasn’t for the more traditional stock and firing trigger design. Boxlike magazine situated underneath in front of the trigger.

The three began to head out while observing Risha as the machine followed keeping pace behind them rather easily as they moved through the Garrison. Almost every head in the garrison turned to watch the large machines passing.

They’d set up a testing area not too far from the Garrison but far enough that if anything went catastrophically wrong no one would be injured. Though it would take some time to get there since they weren’t in a hurry and needed to observe Risha to ensure its movement systems were functioning correctly.

“By the way lass, whatever happened to that teleporter system you wanted to install in Risha?”

“Well ah…when I told my boss about it, he…wasn’t really enthused at all…no no. Due to ah…who I’d be getting it from…afterwards I realized I wouldn’t be able to get the money as well as the potential for unforeseen complications with using the system on a machine like this.  I decided it wasn’t as feasible as I original thought due to those potential complications and the final power output Risha’s design ended up with and the other systems it needed to support, yes yes.”

The dwarf simply gave a nod at the trio continued on, with the large walker thundering behind them.