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Risha Weapons Test

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((Meant to post this like a month ago))

Nirahsa, Delnar and Keval crested the small hill which overlooked the small test area they had put together for Risha. The large walker stopped behind them with clank, photoreceptors scanning the area which consisted of mock ups of horde soldiers and vehicles. From grunts to Ironstar throwers, they weren’t operable since the idea was simply to create a facsimile.

“Scanning, ill maintained Iron Horde arms and munitions,” The walker boomed.

“Right…this is a test Risha on your basic combat functionality, yes yes,” Nira stated while sweeping her arm out over the area.


“Risha, Ironstar Catapults Attacking,” Nira shouted out pointing at the catapults sitting near the bottom of the hill behind the mock up lines of iron horde straw troops.

Risha’s head whirled, receptors adjusting as she scanned the catapults, motors humming as the machine raised its arms, briefly resting the massive rifle she carried against one metal shoulder. The rifle let out a thunderous boom. The catapult exploded into splinters and shrapnel as the explosive round impacted. Risha’s aim shifted to the next mock up, firing off another round the next catapult crumbled quickly followed by the last one.

“Targets Eliminated.”

“Wow Delnar, that rifle packs a punch,” Keval blinked briefly glancing over at the cigar smoking dwarf.

“Dwarven munitions at their finest lass.”

Nira nodded briefly while Keval jotted down a few notes before the tinkerer looked back at the big machine, “Very good Risha! Iron Horde Infantry advancing, yes yes.”

The shaman smiled when she saw Risha immediately stow the large canon on her back before moving forward the ground shaking even as her left hand shifted, metal plates moving to expose a deep purple crystal in the palm of that hand. A sharp hum was emitted before a blast of violet energy shot from Risha’s hand exploding violently when it impacted the ground, shattering several mock ups into splinters.

The walker fired off several more blasts before reaching the lineup, stomping on one target with a metal foot even as she continued to blast others kicking up dirt and dust the mock ups were steadily reduced to splinters through blasts from Risha’s hand, her metal feet as well grabbed and crushed before the broken remains were tossed aside.

It didn’t take long for Risha to finish off all the static targets, the dust slowly settling.

“All Targets Elminated.” Risha clanged while straightening up, receptors scanning the area.

Keval jotted down a few notes while Nira looked over the walker ensuring its mechanics were still functioning properly, “Alright Risha enable defensive barrier, yes yes”

“Acknowledged,” Risha’s stance widened as the machine planted both feet down gears clanking as both hands shifted to fully expose the violet draenic crystals beneath the armor plates which began crackling as energy surged through them both arms locking in place opposite of one another. After a few more moments energy tendrils burst from the crystals arcing out across the area before a violet dome coalesced in a large area around Risha that encompassed the training grounds as well, leaving Nira, Delnar and Keval inside as well.

“So exactly what does this stop?” Delnar took a puff from his cigar.

“Primarily high velocity rounds, though soldiers can enter and leave at will, friend or foe. This is the full defensive mode for protecting advancing soldiers from incoming artillery…though it isn’t impregnable,  Risha can generate a smaller field with one hand that is more versatile in defense. Her movement is impaired while maintaining the field and in full defensive her offensive ability becomes near zero. Which is why the mobile defense form is more versatile though less protective, yes yes.” Nira rambles on enthusiastically even as she gives the signal to kill the barrier to Risha. The protective dome dissolving even as the mech straightened armored plates sliding back in place to protect the projection crystals.

“Why did ya decide to implement such a feature with these crystals, not that I’m denying the usefulness,” Delnar asked with a curious gaze.

“Because everyone always has a big gun, something that can damage Risha while killing the soldiers she’s meant to help protect and reduce casualties of by attracting the enemy’s attention. The Arrakoa had that sunbeam weapon, the Iron Horde has the gronn with artillery weapons.” Nira frowns briefly.

“Creators, lifeforms moving on this position, identity unknown. Northerly Approach.” Risha stated rather suddenly causing the three to look around before Delnar and Keval glanced at Nira.

“Your crystals might be aggravating the wildlife, we don’t want to drive clefthoof to stampede the troops.”

“No no, I tested the harmonics of the barrier, the resonance frequency shouldn’t aggravate most animals.” Nira shook her head before dashing over to Risha briefly pointing up several times even as the mech regarded her briefly. The large machine reached down and grabbed Nira lifting her of the ground and in a swift motion set her on its left shoulder, Nira grabbed hold of several metal bars to help ensure her footing. With the new height advantage she looked to the North before blinking as she saw the pale white movement that was rapidly closing.

“I have good news and bad news, yes yes.” Nira called down, “The good news is that the barrier didn’t attract any wildlife.”

“And the bad?” Keval quirked her head even as Delnar let out a preemptive sigh.


“It attracted a mob of pale orcs instead, yes yes.”