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Glum Contemplation

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NIrahsa stared down at her mug as she sat in the small inn. Her tail swung back and forth slowly even as the bustle of soldiers and workers taking some R&R happened around her. For the first time she could recall she was questioning something she’d built, a frown upon her lips as her mind worked. That mug of mead before her was completely untouched.

The mock up test with Risha had been a success, despite the pale orcs that had shown up due to the deployment of the energy shield. That was when things had gotten, disturbing. It was one thing to see a metal fist smash wood into splinters. It was another thing to see that fist grab a living being, intoning calmly that it was here to destroy them before giving a sharp squeeze. What was left of the orc had been horrific, not to mention that brief screech of pain as his body was compacted into a ball.

Or the orc that Risha had attempted to stomp flat, the pale orc had jumped out of the path of the falling foot but Risha promptly adjusted the trajectory of her stomp just enough to catch the orcs leg. Breaking bones and pinning him long enough for her fist to swing down and rip his body in half. Nira wasn’t a stranger anymore to seeing beasts savagely rend a living being to shreds. But that, it was just how they were. Risha wasn’t a beast she was a machine AI that did this calmly with no remorse.

“She’s efficient,” Asharin stated, the other Nira looking like she was sitting across from Nirahsa even though Nira knew she wasn’t there.

“You call that efficient? She was tearing them limb from limb,” Nira stated out loud even as a waiter walked by glancing over with a puzzled look at the Draenei talking to the air.

“She’s over six meters tall with the strength to rip through stone walls with ease.”

“They…just went…everywhere...pieces, all over…no no,” Nira’s voice was nearly mute as she shook her head at the images.

“So? Were you thinking she’d fight a pretty war? War IS horrific Nirahsa…perhaps you’d realize that if you remembered what the Orcs did to our family just for being in the way? Yes?”

The shaman shook her head, “I…just wanted a good tool for helping save lives….not something that…grisly, no no.”

Asharin rolled her yellow eyes before leaning forward placing her elbows on the table, “You’ve seen worse and it never bothered you this much, we both know that isn’t the entire reason you are so down about this.”

With those words Asharin vanished from Nira’s sight leaving the tinkerer to stare at her drink. Asharin was right, the gruesome sight wasn’t the only reason she was so disturbed. It was because as she had watched Risha crush those pale orcs like bugs, she’d enjoyed seeing it happen at the time.  She remembered distinctly smiling while watching her creation rain death.

And it frightened her, she’d been so worried about becoming a monster but had gleefully built one instead. She wanted to shut Risha down, but she couldn’t do that, there would be backlash due to not only the amount of resources put into the machine but also because the garrison’s soldiers wouldn’t like it. They’d already heard about the thrashing Risha had dealt out to the pale orc mob with ease and it had put them in high spirits. They wanted to see Risha fight the Iron Horde now.

Nira sighed again before picking up her mug and starting to drink the foul alcohol contained within grimacing as she forced herself to down the entire mug, promptly ordering another from the waiter.


Thirty minutes later the shaman was passed out on the table, mug knocked on its side.