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Talking With Myself

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Nirahsa sighed to herself as she walked along, still looking rather gloomy. Head hung low as the draenei wandered about the garrison. Her hooves idly kicking at rocks as she went along, thoughts still dwelling on Risha even after her and daci had talked.

“Why doesn’t Daci understand that I shouldn’t of built Risha.” Her voice a low mutter.

Another set of hooves was suddenly walking beside her, yellow glowing eyes looking Nira over with a frown.

“That altruistic idiot actually agrees with me for once yes yes, what should that tell you?” Despite the use of an insult Asharin’s tone didn’t really seem spiteful.

“That she’s confused, yes yes,” Nira replied rather firmly.

Which elicited a sharp sigh from Asharin, “You know for being smart it still amazes me how dumb I can be, yes.”

“I’m not being dumb Asharin,” Nira started to walk faster as if it would somehow help her get distance from Asharin who’s distance from the shaman didn’t even fluctuate in the slightest until Asharin moved around in front of Nira before pressing her finger against Nira’s chest causing the tinkerer to stop, Nira blinked in surprise. More in the fact Asharin got her to stop when she wasn’t actually physically present.

“Yes you are, ever since Vasily brought us more together you have started talking to me more. But you still dismiss me Nirahsa, you’re still afraid, yes.”

“I’m not afraid of you.”

“No, you’re afraid of you, yes yes.”

Nira reflexively nibbled her lower lip before shaking her head.

“You may have avoided the issue but you know Dacianna is right, your issue with Risha is in your head,” Asharin stated while giving Nira’s forehead a brief tap.

Nira frowned again looking ready to deny it before she sighed knowing that it was pointless to do so with Asharin, “I liked watching Risha kill, I shouldn’t take pleasure in such a thing, no no”

“Nirahsa, -I- enjoy killing, you don’t,” The yellow eyed draenei put simply.

“But..the training field-“

“Did you ever stop to think what you felt was not so much pleasure in seeing the death but pride in seeing your creation do what it was designed to do, yes? Pride in an invention fulfilling its purpose, or have you been so worried about becoming me you forgot what that feels like?”

“I’m not you…you’re just a....what was it that Vasily said...a focal of repressed negative emotions, yes yes.” Nira waggled a finger at Asharin briefly.

“Uh-huh, I don’t think he put it quite like that, no no but close enough. Maybe you should reflect back on everything you’ve killed, were you filled with pleasure from the deaths?”



“Well..then think on that, Nirahsa, yes yes.” Asharin stated before she vanished from sight.