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The Message

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Jormund sat still on his cage waiting for the day to pass. Mok’gol was still in activity, he could hear Og’roc barking orders at his raiders as they walked by the hut. 

The bad side of waiting was that he started thinking, about Rhis and what she had told him the other night. It was obvious what was going on, he couldn’t really blame her for falling in love with somebody else. Things like these happened even to those who chose to spend their life with one companion. Jormund squeezed his eyes shut while pressing his palms against his cheeks as he tried to suppress the anger building inside him. Nobody was at fault. Rhiswyn was a particular woman, she was able to love as many people as she wanted and to separate passion, love and sex. How did she managed to do it was beyond him…

… how he wished he could do the same. 

 The fact that Mason Kohler was not a scumbag like Larret made things more difficult. Punching his accent out of his mouth was clearly not an option. 

Jormund groaned in frustration. He was doing so good. Despite her suspicions, he had stopped caring for Rhiswyn’s business for quite a while now. Now she comes up with this…

What was he supposed to do? Just smile and nod? Would a third person change things? Would they stay the same? Should he even pay attention to him? He wasn’t so cruel as to force the choice upon her… Maybe he could just… let her do as she pleased? She might notice him being too distant…

“Maybe I could ask Henii or Arkav about it, or Xillia even… maybe Arkav would be the better choice. I mean, freaking Shillan got the best deal… is not -that- hard for him.”

Maybe he could piss off the two guards again and have them punch him for a few hours. Maybe that’ll rewire his brain and he’ll stop caring. Either that or killing him. No no. Dying was too troublesome. He had lots of stuff to do and had no time for dying.

He took a deep breath and shoved aside his thoughts. He was done with waiting and thinking. It was time to piss the guards off some more.

“Excuse me, abnormally brutish guard?” he waved his bound hands to call for his attention. 

The eating orc burps and grunts. 

“Yes, you! I have to ask you a question! Is it that your body is too massive for your teeny tiny head, or is it that your head is too teeny tiny for your big fat body?!” 

The orc growls and walks up to the cage opening it and grabs Jormund by his shirt and pulls him close to him.

“I PUMMEL YOU GOOD!” he roars 

“Yes yes, I’m sure you will but before you do I have one more question!” his eyes glowed with golden light breaking free from the manacles, which he presents to the guard with a huge grin. “Are these yours?”

Before the orc could react the paladin headbutts him and slips away from his grip and as he staggers Jormund quickly jumps on him wrapping an arm around his neck and twisting it hearing the loud cracking noise he was looking for, instinctively went for the orc’s axe as he heard the other guard give the alarm  and run inside the hut only to be welcomed by an orcish axe to the face. Wasting no more time Jormund blocked the entrance with his cage and pounced on his things and grabbed the commstone to reach out for the rest of the unit.

“Dragoons! Can you hear me? Is anyone there?”

Pinapple was quick to answer. He tried his best to relay everything he heard, as quick as he could, he kept things quick and simple. As he spoke he leaned against the cage trying to hold back the reinforcements trying get into the hut. He pressed his back against the cage grunting as he responded to the major’s order to stay alive. That may had gotten a bit more challenging. 

Before he closed the channel he couldn’t help but to think of sending her a message… she had to wait a bit longer. Just a little bit. 

Hey… he never established a precise moment when he was coming back so there was no problem! Right?

After that he closed the channel and his the stone on his boot. Three orcs tackled the cage forcing the paladin to retreat and roll off the way of the metal box, other two punched him into submission. Og’roc himself walked up to him and kicked his side and stomped on his back. Jormund tensed his visage and winced but did not gave him the pleasure of hearing him scream with pain. 

“You idiots already lost. They are coming.” he managed to say as he looked up at the orc leader.

Og’roc spat on Jormund’s face and kicked his side again.

“Move him out!” he barked at the guards “Restrain him with the runic shackles!”

The orcs lifted him up as he muttered a weak healing spell to calm the pain until the shackles sealed off his magic. They tied him to a worg with two riders on each flank to prevent him from escaping. He didn’t need to.

As the dragoons scouted the vicinity of Mok’gol they would find a barely visible trail of watermelon seeds for them to follow.