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Garrison Notice

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On the notice board at the Silver Dragoon main garrison...

((Image under the cut!))

Garrison Notice


Rhiswyn can only smirk as she passes the notice board, sauntering on without any shame whatsoever. Worth. It.


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*looks at notice, chuckling*

*looks at notice, chuckling* "Heh, I'm aware of the kaldorei part. Well, at least they've more or less left me and Fiyonna alone, now...wait, worgen have good eyes, too!"


((Yep, that last part definitely sounds like Rhis.))

"Not all who wander are lost"

J.R.R. Tolkien

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((The kaldorei and robots

((The kaldorei and robots part has more to do with nocturnal vs diurnal, most worgen being of human stock are still more or less sleeping at night unless working/on patrol, but robots don't need to sleep (maybe recharge), and well, night elves.

And Rhis maybe thought that while the Commander and LT were back in SW for a night, she could be naughty, and is very much in need of distractions lately, so hey!))