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At the request of my brother, I Victoria Dushald, commander of the 14th Alliance Research and Development Expedition, have taken responsibility for completing this application.  I have previous experience with writing reports of this nature, and have worked with Edward Dushald for many years. I am well qualified to complete this evaluation of Edward Dushald’s psychological profile, and can provide accurate recounts of personal history, and qualifications.

When Edward came to me, asking to fill out this application, my first response was to throw it at him; the Dragoons likely have their recruits fill out their own applications because the want to know how aware they are of their own strengths and weaknesses. But he told me that due to the nature of his education, he needed transparency. He needed an application that provided the complete, unbiased truth about the kind of person he was, regardless of his personal perception.  I found his reasoning – remarkably mature. That’s the kind of person Edward is; more manic than a mechanical squirrel, then he turns around and surprises you with some insight that makes you think. So I am complying, and will provide the unbiased truth of Edward Dushald, and let you decide if he’s worth your time.  


General Information

Name:  Edward Dushald of Stormwind, formerly of Gilneas. Eldest son Dominic Dushald, and heir to the Dushald estate.

Age:  35

Gender:  Male

Physical Appearance:  5’ 10”, 150lb, toned. Black hair, shoulder-length. Green eyes; birth colour.

Physical appearance is a result of excessive cardiovascular activity, and irregular consumption of meals. Will often forget to shave, and maintains a short, scruffy beard.


Education:  Personal tutorage by Amaline Dushald, former archmage of the Kirin Tor. Trained in alchemy, enchanting, and general magecraft from age seven. At age 16, tutorage was supplemented with Fel arts.

Skills (In order of expertise):

Supplementary:  Fel Consultant, Arcanist, Enchanter, Alchemist, and Archaeologist.

Offensive Magic: Destruction; conducts several solo operations and manages to come back alive. Will likely be able to provide deadly force if necessary.

Martial: None.


Demeanor: At first Dushald appears pleasant, polite, and courteous. Spend time with him at length, however, and it quickly escalates into an incessant cheerfulness, over-excitability, and the inability to focus on one subject that is not scientific in nature for any acceptable length of time.

Weaknesses: No consideration for personal well-being; will often put himself in dangerous situations for the sake of research. Obsessive; will often go days without eating, sleeping properly or maintaining social obligations to complete a task that strikes his interest. Martyrdom; if he considers a situation too dangerous, he will often leave his team and complete a task alone. 

One or Two Memorable Traits: Brilliant, but manic, and helpful to the point of self-injury.

Personality: At his core, Edward Dushald has a good heart – and Light only knows how he’s kept it. His first love will always be magic, followed by helping people with it. It’s the reason why he chooses to continue practicing Fel magic; part of the martyrdom I explained earlier.  He once told me “it is absolutely necessary that we understand Fel magic, terrible as it is, or we will never be able to overcome it.” He believes that by taking on all the risks Fel magic can bring, he can in turn provide the knowledge necessary for people like us to better defeat it, without endangering our souls. I believe that this is the greatest flaw in his character; a need to put himself in danger so others won’t. Regardless of the results, which I admit can be impressive; his habit of self-endangerment is rash, foolish, and is a point of contention between us.  

Unfortunately, though his intentions are good, they are also hidden under layers of erratic behaviors, and what most bystanders consider general insanity. Most of my superiors refer to Edward as “that mad arcanist of yours,” for his obsession with fringe research. You can often find him in his lab, trying to find new applications for kodo spit, testing some form of highly-explosive concoction or making newts fall from the sky. He is a concerning mix of high energy and low reservations. His multitasking is impressive, but he usually prioritizes his absurd number of experiments over other responsibilities.

But these questionable traits don’t stop Edward from being brilliant. And he may be disorganized, but do not mistake it for a lack of focus. His mind is like an arrow in flight; from the point of release, the arrow cannot change direction until it hits a target. Once you understand his patterns, Edward can become quite easy to direct, much like a bow, to continue the metaphor. Pin him down and make your priorities clear; usually you have to make it an order. The extra effort quickly becomes forgotten as he completes his tasks with extraordinary speed and professionalism.


Personal History: To understand the series of events that led to Edward Dushald’s education, which seems at odds with his philanthropic nature, you need to understand the history of our mother; Amaline Bellerose. Amaline, only daughter from a small noble family from Lordaeron, was a prodigy among the Kirin Tor, attaining the title of Archmage by the time she was thirty. Amaline is no enemy of humanity, in fact she wants us to be the ‘rulers of the world’. But she also thinks she knows what is best for it, and that the ends always justify the means.

Before she received the title of Archmage, Amaline secured a name for herself among the nobility at the age of eighteen by marrying my father, Dominic Dushald.  A minor noble from Gilneas with a nose for investment, he was the perfect mix of weak will and deep pockets. He fell for my mother’s charms and became the foundation for her rise to power; to this day she holds all the authority in our family. Under her influence, the Dushald name became a small, quietly powerful house. Amaline enjoys controlling every aspect of her life. She gave birth to a daughter, Adalie, to be her successor. She rose through the ranks of the Kirin Tor, venerated for her brilliance. And the name Dushald was spoken in soft whispers among the Gilnean nobility; equally feared and respected. But she was young and impatient, desiring a place in the Kirin Tor’s ruling council. To that end she began to explore a school of magic brought through the dark portal by the orcs during the Second War; Fel magic. Believing it to be a powerful new weapon that could be wielded to elevate her power, and secure humanity’s sovereignty among the other races, she perused it with great enthusiasm. But prides goes before a fall, and my mother thought herself too perfect to fail, her life too carefully planned to fall apart.

The first flaw in her perfect life was a second pregnancy. It was unexpected, and before she could make a decision to terminate it or not, my father found out. From stories I hear, it was one of the few times the man stood up to Amaline. Maybe that impressed her, or just caught her off-balance. Regardless, she chose to keep the baby, which turned out to be twins; Edward and myself. Not long before our birth, all of Amaline’s plans began to fall apart when the Kirin Tor discovered that she was practicing Fel Magic. I don’t know much about what happened, but I do know that she fled Dalaran practically overnight. What rumors I was able to gather suggest the nature of her experiments were – disturbing.  

In Gilneas she was protected from the Council of Six, but it also trapped her there. The next few years of Amaline’s life were somewhat aimless as she consolidated power within the nobility and experimented with Fel magic in secret. I often suspect that before the Greymane Wall was sealed, and our people became entrenched in civil war, her eventual goal was revenge against those who exiled her.

This is where the stories of Dushald and I begin. We were never a part of Amaline’s grand schemes; she already had a daughter to groom as her apprentice, and had never wanted more children. So we were raised by servants, and our father. Where Amaline treated us like unwanted pieces of furniture, Dominick was an ideal parent, and he loved us. He had no love of spells or potions, and our tutelage centered on swords and horsemanship. I think our father was trying to keep us away from magic, which was Amaline’s domain. But magic was a large part of our household, her arcane tools and inventions floated everywhere, and all the bookshelves were lined with spell tomes. Edward took after his father; he was both gentle and kind. But at the age of seven he started to read my mother’s texts, and it became clear that he had inherited Amaline’s talent for the Arcane. Thus a well-meaning plague was unleashed on the household as Edward turned his growing knowledge to trying to improve life for his father and the servants. Small disasters were weekly occurrences, and both Amaline and my sister would often take long trips out of the city, or remained in the catacombs beneath the mansion where we were forbidden to enter. To my father’s great relief, my attentions remained on history and warfare; I wanted nothing to do my mother.

For many years I was completely beneath my mother’s notice, and Edward remained little more than a curious nuisance. But that changed when we were sixteen. It had become apparent that Edward was just as brilliant a mage as our sister Adalie, though of a vastly different morality, and Amaline decided for the first time that my brother might be of use to her. So she took him to that catacombs below and began to tutor him herself. My father and I tried to convince Edward not to accept her as a teacher, but he was like my father in too many ways. Despite never being raised by the woman, he was incapable of denying her. Perhaps some part of him wanted her to acknowledge his abilities.

For the next two years I saw little of my brother; Amaline was an unyielding taskmistress. He acquired a haunted look, and the few times I managed to pry him away from that woman’s grasp, all he would say was that what happened beneath our home was not what magic was supposed to be. Things reached a breaking point on our eighteenth birthday, when Amaline took Edward down to the catacombs one last time. That day, the foundation of our home literally shook as some horrendous spell was cast. Soon after, Edward emerged from below, burnt and bloody. He didn’t speak much for the rest of the day, and on the following announced to my father and I that he would be spending a year with priests at a cathedral on the other side of the city. He didn’t speak a word to Amaline or our sister in the days before he left, and they were silent in return.  When my brother finally departed, I took it as a sign to go my own path, and with my father’s blessing I joined the king’s army.

I saw little of my family during the next few years, as my duties kept me away from home. I received letters from my father, telling me that Edward eventually returned from the cathedral, and that he was a changed man. He still practiced magic, but had regained the kind, helpful soul of his childhood. The letters also mentioned he had entered some sort of rivalry with Amaline and our sister, but didn’t go into much detail. I also received letters from my brother, recounting his time among the priests, and I could tell from his excited, cheerful words that I had my brother back. 

I lost connection with my family during the Northgate rebellion, as I was called to fight against the rebels. Word reached me that our family’s was very politically active during this time. Officially we were on the side of the king, but knowing my mother I suspect she was playing both sides of the conflict, looking for ways to increase her influence. Injured in the fighting, I was sent home shortly after the rebellion was quelled. Like most soldiers, fighting my own countrymen had left me disheartened and questioning the state of our homeland. Returning to a home that had always felt to be the site of its own civil war did not fill me with joy, but that soon changed after I was reunited with my brother and father.

My father’s letters had been correct when he said Edward was back to his old self. We immediately reconnected, sharing stories about our lives while separated. He even confessed to the events that occurred on our eighteenth birthday. As part of a ‘graduation ceremony’ Amaline had commanded Edward to summon a powerful demon; up until that point he had been limited to conjuring imps or felhounds. But halfway through the ritual, the degree of corrupt magic finally convinced him to go against Amaline, and somehow managed to turn the ritual against the demon, killing it before it had materialized completely. Terrified at what Edward had accomplished, and furious that he had defied her, Amaline nearly killed him. But he had managed to acquire some form of leverage that kept him safe from her wrath. He then left for the cathedral to undo the damage that Fel magic had exacted on his soul, and to find direction in his life.

Since his return, Edward had become something of a philanthropist, acquiring wealth of his own to better Gilnean society through his magic. His work often put him at odds with Amaline or our sister, but along with the leverage against her, our father gave his son freedom to work as he pleased. While Amaline held the power in the family, and ruled from the shadows, Dominick was the official head of the household. Thus she could not defy him openly as he named Edward his heir. I never found out what price he paid for going against her, and I suspect he will never say. Why he chooses to stay with that awful woman is something I’ll never understand, but I respect him a little more for what he did. I almost sent my brother back to the cathedral, however, when I learned he was still practicing Fel magic. He explained that he used his knowledge of the Fel arts in an effort to undo curses, mutations, and other kinds of damage that Fel energy could inflict. In no way did he use it for personal gain, and wouldn’t summon another demon for the rest of his life. After having him swear to share all knowledge of his experiments with me, I in turn did not have him arrested. I love my brother, but I am not a fool, and understand that dangers of that abhorrent magic.

Life became somewhat normal while I healed, and Edward was true to his word about using his expertise as and arcanist and ‘Fel Consultant’ as he called himself, to help the people of Gilneas. His inventions and magical remedies where in demand among the nobility, and he provided aid to the common folk when he could. He began to establish a name for himself, and it was clear that he was trying to distance himself from Amaline’s influence, and looked to be somewhat successful. But Amaline and Adalie had the potential to be powerful enemies, so he was careful to be a passive opponent, never going directly against them. Instead, for every one of their shadowy deeds, he retaliated by committing an act of charity. Political machinations were countered with activism or patriotism. For everything they tore apart in the shadows, he was dedicated to building something in the light. They danced around each other like this for some time, always acting civil in public, even friendly. Their rivalry continued until the next great threat to Gilneas began to affect our lives; the worgen curse.

By the time the curse reached pandemic levels, even Amaline abandoned her schemes in search of a way to prevent its spread. From noble to commoner, the worgen terrified everyone, and Edward joined the rest of our country’s magical community in a desperate attempt to find a cure. As the Cursed grew bolder, most of the soldiers were deployed to the city to bolster the guard, including myself. Our mansion was located a few hours ride east, and I was reluctant to leave my family, but my loyalty is to king and country. I tried to convince them to relocate to the safety of the city, but Amaline refused, believing her powers more than enough to repel any possible threat to our home. And if she was staying, so would my sister, and my father wanted to protect both of them. Edward wouldn’t leave because of some sensitive experiment he believed might help counteract the curse, and a whole army of worgen wouldn’t have been able to convince him otherwise.

Then everything fell apart when the worgen invaded the city. I was part of the group that fell in the standoff at Light’s Dawn Cathedral. Like many others, I succumbed to the curse there. I was recovered by Krennan Aranas and had my sanity restored. As our people fled to Stormglen in an effort to outrun the Forsaken invasion, I tried to find news of my family, but there was nothing. For many days I feared the worst, but there was no time to search for them, and I could only hope. I was beyond relieved when I was reunited with them among the worgen in Tal’doren. I learned that our mansion had been in the path of a large Cursed assault, too large for even the combined magical power of Amaline and my siblings. They were eventually overrun and turned, and had remained part of the wild throng until found by Darius Crowley and the night elves. There is no love lost between Amaline and myself, and I was secretly disappointed she had survived. But I have never truly hated my sister; in some ways she is just another victim of my mother. I was glad that she survived, and overjoyed that Edward and my father had made it through as well.

The next few days were blur as we were hurried to Alliance ships and made our escape from our homeland. When we arrived at Darnassus, we had nothing but our clothes on our backs; there had been no time to recover any of our belongings. Our father was injured during the escape, and ended up losing a leg. As a woman obsessed with being in control of her life, I expected Amaline to fall apart in the face of our newfound destitution. But she is cunning, and had learned to prepare for disaster since her fall from the Kirin Tor’s good graces. A few days later she had us shipped out to Stormwind, where she had a number of small investments set up through contacts in a vile place called the Slaughtered Lamb. In less than a week she had access to accounts containing a small fortune, and began to establish the Dushald name among the nobility of the city. I was disgusted with our mother. Though I never believed her to possess any loyalty to anyone but herself, I always thought she respected our country’s isolation; a core belief of our people. Instead, she outright defied the law and had been travelling to other nations, most likely for years. I wanted nothing more to do with that woman, and decided that I would no longer be a part of such a twisted family. I forsook my name, and joined the king Wyrnn’s army, vowing to take no part in anything to do with the Dushalds ever again. Amaline had never wanted about me, and like the rest of my life, my departure was ignored. Leaving broke my father’s heart, but he also understood my reasons, and did not press me to stay. Edward told me he would be staying with the family, if only to keep an eye on Amaline, and continue to work against her.

The next four years passed quickly. The army has been good to me, and I now hold the rank of commander. During this time I had no contact with the rest of my family, even my father. I finally felt I had escaped Amaline’s long shadow. I kept tabs on Edward, who had once again made a name for himself, though some of it was in ridicule, due to his unorthodox research.  When I was approached to lead a research expedition to Draenor, I contacted my brother immediately to have him join. The transition to Draenor has been difficult, but Edward has proven his worth many times over. But he is a man who follows what interests him. And now, what interests him are the Silver Dragoons.

Reason for Joining: For this part of the report, I questioned Edward directly, and will quote his response.

Official Statement: In return for the Silver Dragoons assisting in the search for the Archeological site known as the Library of Ka’alu, as well as ensuring appropriate distribution of any artifacts that may be of benefit to the Alliance, Edward Dushald, heir to the Dushald estate, will join the Silver Dragoons until the library’s discovery. He will provide funds, resources, magical assistance, and his expertise as a Fel Consultant to all Dragoon efforts.

Unofficial Statement: “Vic, my reasoning is quite simple. The Dragoons are good men and women, who’ve had a hard time of things in the last few years. I want to help them keep fighting the good fight. That’s all. Yes, I know I could have kept looking for the library on my own, but that’s not the point. What good are all the treasures that might be there, if they are not given to the right people. I’ve learned their history, and in their hands the Eye of Rhukmar could do real good, and I haven’t even begun to learn what else may be hidden away, waiting to be discovered! And you always said that someone should be keeping an eye on me whenever I worked with Fel magic. And who better than these people! If something ever gets out of hand, they’ll have my head off quicker than you can say ‘evil warlock’. It all works out.”

OOC Info

OOC info: I have a very erratic schedule due to juggling a job and courses at university. But I love spontaneous RP and will never say no to a dungeon if I have the time.