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Lai-Ning wasn’t a huge fan soaking in baths.

She much rather preferred to be in and out, washed and done. A habit still left over from childhood, when it took ages to fill the tub, and the water was never quite warm enough.

She was so sore and tired today, though….

A small tray of her favorite snacks sat by the tub, snuck in by a sneaky Mountain. Her book was close by…she could stay in here as long as she wanted, today.

Slowly, she started to relax, kicking her feet playfully under the surface. A small smile crossed her lips, and she popped a dumpling into her mouth, humming faintly at the sweet taste, before a little song popped out.

“Oh, sugar is sweet
And quite tasty too!
In cakes, and in candies,
And sometimes in brew.
But there’s nothing better
(And I think it’s true!)
Than treats made by Gozo
A sweet dumpling (or two!)“


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