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The Break

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“Does this look like a monster to you, NIrahsa?”

Nira blinked standing in the golden Talador forests with the untouched village of Aruuna nestled nearby. Draenei went about their daily lives, smiling to each other even as a young draenei girl ran around a small clearing. Hand held up high holding a small mechanical looking flying machine.  It was Shari, running playing, having fun.

Nearby she saw herself watching and smiling, encouraging the young draenei before stepping forward to grab Shari, lifting her up and spinning around briefly causing the girl to giggle.

“Do you look like a Monster?”

Nirahsa blinked glancing at Asharin before shaking her head, “No, but-“

“-No buts, I keep showing you memories of how you are…and you keep using that word! Yes yes.” Asharin frowned shuffling her hooves before sighing, “Maybe you need to see a real monster to get it through your head.”

NIra blinked shaking her head as her lips parted to reply only for the clearing to disappear, as she found herself in the middle of Aruuna. The village now on fire, rubble littered about the streets as terrified screams echoed. Nirahsa felt her breath quicken, getting rather shallow.

Fel infused orcs crashed around a corner, one tossing a dead draenei aside like a doll. Even as others let out blood curdling cries as they charged at draenei trying to get away.  Only to cut them down with bloodstained axes.

“No no, no no no.” Nirahsa’s breathing grew faster as the draenei felt panic and fear gripping her at the sight of those red hellish eyes taking delight in butchering her kin.

“Nirahsa? Nirahsa, get a hold of yourself, yes yes!” Asharin shouted while grabbing Nira by the shoulders and looking directly at the draenei trying to get her attention.

Nirahsa’s eyes kept glancing around in a panic unable to focus, “No no no no…”  Even as more orcs flooded the area, jumping over roofs in a tide as their axes swung as if murdering the air.

Asharin blinked looking around shaking her head, “No no, this isn’t how it happened! What are you doing Nira!?”

The tinkerer gasped stumbling backwards as she watched an orc decapitate another draenei before he too joined the surging horde of fel orcs swarming the streets all heading straight for Nira.

“Nirahsa, calm down!”

“No no no, have…to…get out…no no…no no no,” Nira hyperventilated even as the buildings began crumbling into more orcs until nothing was left except for a flat horizon and a surging tide of green orcs charging her. “No no…get out, get out get out! ...”

Asharin was suddenly grabbed by an orc, letting out a shout as she disappeared into the orcish tide. The horde about to bring their axes down on Nira as she let out a terrified scream before the world went black.


Nirahsa nearly shot out of the bed, covers tangling her legs as she thrashed about in a panic before strong blue hands gripped her shoulders firm but gently.

“NIra you have to stop thrashing you’re going to hurt yourself!” Came Dacianna’s voice, making Nira blink again as she stopped her panicked movements while glancing around at the room she was in.

“Where…am I?”

“Back at the garrison in shadowmoon.”


Nira took several long deep breaths as she slowly calmed down. Trying to figure out what had happened, why had she been thrashing around anyway? A flash of green across the corner of her vision caused the shaman to snap her head in that direction feeling a tinge of fear again. Only to see nothing, she nibbled her lower lip briefly before leaning in against Daci.