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[Gilberte] On the Homefront

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Gilly’s eyes flew open. Had she been asleep? She looked around; she was stretched out on their bed, several pillows propped up behind her head and a comforter casually draped over her body. Gilly shook her head as if to shake her thoughts loose. She didn’t remember falling asleep…


Annelise! Gilberte jumped out of bed and raced to the door, calling out, “Annie?! Annie!”. Before she could reach the door, however, it swung open, her mother stepping in, a tray in her hands. The edge of the door caught Gilly on the face and she fell backwards, yelping in pain.

Emma Lachlan steadied the tray in her hands with a sigh.. “Get back in bed, Gilberte. You’ve run yourself ragged. And look at that -- did you break your nose?”

Gilly rubbed at her nose, noticing the blood trickling down towards her lip. “Doesn’t feel broken.”

“You always have a knack for these things.” Emma tsked at her daughter and led Gilly back towards the bed, neatly placing the tray on the bedside table. “Let me see.” Begrudgingly, Gilly removed her hand from her face, letting her mother press her figures along the length of her nose. “Doesn’t seem broken and I’ve seen plenty of those in my day. Now I’ll have to go cut some ice and get a bandage or two.”


“Ma, what in Light’s name is that racket? And where’s Annelise? Did I fall asleep? Is she okay?” Gilly resisted her mother’s attempts to push her back into the comforter cocoon.

“Annie, just so you know, says she’s writing a letter to her Daddy on that infernal contraption of yours...the auto-push?”


“Anyway, I came here to drop off some meals since I’d rather have you not burn the place down around your ears and I found her playing with pots and pans in the kitchen. You were passed out like a fool on the table.” Emma shook her head. “You didn’t smell like booze so I just figured you tired yourself out and helped you into bed. I gave Annie a bath, fixed her a snack, and then let her play as she wished. She’s the one who picked that awful machine to play with. Why the fel do you keep that thing around?”

“I need it for work, Ma.”

Emma frowned. “You work too much. You should be watching your girl more.” She glanced at Gilly, pressing a hand to her forehead. “You’re flushed. Did you get yourself sick? You should just come home and live with us for now. You need more help and if Llane’s going to be away so much - “

Gilly pushed her mother’s hand away. “I’m fine. And I’m not sick or anything. Just tired, I guess. Been tired a bunch. I’ll take it easy. Maybe I’ll take Annie to the lake tomorrow. Just gotta get my next chapter finished.”

“Anyway, here’s some tea and cakes,” Emma said, gesturing to the tray. “Butter cake, your favorite. There’s more in the pantry for later. Annie already had her fair share so don’t believe her weepy eyes.”

Gilly looked over at the tray. The steaming cup of tea seemed appealing and she did love her mother’s fluffy cakes, but there was just something about the smell that was turning her stomach. “I’m not too hungry, Ma. Maybe later.”


Gilly groaned and grabbed her head. “Light, that blasted machine! I should have listened to Llane…”

Emma glanced at the tray and then back at her daughter, surveying her for a moment. “Light’s mercy, Gilly, you’re pregnant, aren’t you?”

“Ma, that’s not possible! Fel, you always like to think that, don’t you?”

“And how is that not possible?” Emma pursed her lips and crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m no spring chicken, Gilberte Venner. And I know you’re not some innocent little maid who barely knows how the parts work.”

“We’re careful.”

“I was careful too,” Emma retorted. “Don’t act stupid.” She sighed. “I….I don’t mean to be harsh. I just think you should see the midwife and let her check you out. Then you can go back to being little hoity-toity writer lady.”

“Fine,” Gilly snapped back at her, shoving herself back into bed and pulling the covers over her face. “And get those awful cakes out of here!”

Her mother chuckled and picked up the tray. “Well, they’ll be out in the kitchen if you do get your appetite back.” As Emma trotted out of the room, Annelise appeared in the doorway, holding a smudged piece of paper in her hand.

“Mama, I wrote letters!”

Emma chuckled at the girl and patted her on the head, guiding her out of the room. “Your ma’s tired, Annie. Be a good girl and let her rest for a bit. Why don’t we go to the kitchen and see if we can get that letter addressed and sent out to your da? And after that, we can read a story together. Would you like that?”

Gilly watched as the door swung shut behind them. She could her Annie’s happy skips down the hallway and her sing-song announcement that NO ONE could do Murky the Murloc’s voice like her Daddy but Gramma would be OKAY. “And not as bad as Mama!”

A few days later, a letter arrived in Venner’s garrison on Draenor.




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(( So...that happened. The

(( So...that happened. The question is not "will Llane panic?" but "how much will Llane panic, and for how long?" ))

"I travel, I write, I kill things."

Rhianon's picture

((I'm still debating how

((I'm still debating how Gilly's going to break it to him. Maybe she'll go for amusement value...))

Llane Venner's picture

(( "Knock knock." "Who's

(( "Knock knock." "Who's there?" "A baby!" ))

"I travel, I write, I kill things."

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((Now that is something Nore

((Now that is something Nore could get behind. She needs some happy news, and the bonus of screwing with Llane would bring her joy. Go for the high amusement, Gilly, GO!))

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((Send Venner some wood and

((Send Venner some wood and instructions on how to assemble a crib.))

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((I could see Gilly just

((I could see Gilly just writing him a letter and finishing it with - 'and all three of us are doing well. Midwife says the baby's probably about two months along now. Annie can't wait until you get your next leave!' ))

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(( And then Venner dies of a

(( And then Venner dies of a heart attack. ))