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Lasses Love Robots

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   Janosis’ quill skitched across the paper as he made another shorthand note.  Even with what he already knew of binding and what he’d learned by poking at the locket, there was so much to learn about Shedwyn’s phylactery before he could safely detach it from himself and bind her ghost to a golem.  Not to mention he’d never actually made a golem of substantial size before.  Mostly he ran away from them.

   The years of trial and error she had gone through to create a working phylactery that met all her eccentric (and occasionally paranoid) requirements was fascinating, but also horrifying.  The fact that a particular battery of tests had been performed using worgen and murlocs didn’t help.  "Due to an inability to justify testing on truly sentient beings,“ became especially terrible in light of the discovery of where worgen came from, even if that discovery came years after Shedwyn died.  If he hadn’t seen the skeletal remains in her lab, he probably wouldn’t believe it.  He still didn’t want to believe it.
   Still, some of the findings that never made it into her grimoires were potentially important.  Unfortunately, most were also incredibly dangerous for the same reasons.  Fortunately, she was paranoid enough to foresee the damage they could cause.  It wasn’t enough to stop her experiments, but she did hide her more dangerous research somewhere she thought it would never be found.  What was that saying about leashing the mad, but not fixing them?
   Janosis was roused from his studying by a soft whirring near the doorway.  When he looked up, Drogar was standing there, waving around a ticking, antenna-bearing device.
   "D-Drogar?”  What are you-“
   "Checking to see if yer ghostie is about.”  He held up the device so Janosis could see it.  Not that that helped the mage, since he hadn’t the faintest clue what he was looking at.  "No ding, so she must be out.“
   Janosis blanched.  ”‘G-ghostie?’“
   "Aye.  The wife suggested that maybe I ought t’ offer some 'elp with yer haunting problem instead of just teasing yeh about it.”
   The mage jerked his head from side to side.  "I d-d-don’t h-have a h-h-haunting problem.“
   "Lad, yeh lie like goose down on a windy day.  Everyone knows something’s been haunting yeh for years.  I’d wager a sizable sum that it’s a certain Meddler who died an unfortunate death far too young?  Fond o’ purple?  Dark skin?”
   Janosis was doing his best impression of a rabbit caught in the headlight of a motorbike.  To his credit, instead of asking stupid, incredulous questions, he jumped straight to, “Sh-she’s not a p-problem anymore.”
   “Yeh got rid of her?”
   “No.  B-but s-soon.”
   “That’s great!  Who’s doing the exorcism?”
   “No!”  Janosis nearly yelped it out.  He swallowed down the panic and horror, and continued with a bit more composure.  "No e-exorcism.  I’m learning t-to make her a g-golem.“  He gesture at the journals, notes, and sketches spread out on the desk in front of him.  He felt a little awkward casually inviting anyone to look it over, but hopefully the dwarf wasn’t fluent in Thalassian.  "A b-body of her own.”
   Drogar looked the sketches over with a skeptical eye.  "Why not just build her a robot?  The lasses love robots.“
   Janosis eyed Drogar skeptically.  the mage wasn’t the wisest when it came to women, but he was pretty sure that claim was false.  Especially for Shedwyn.
   Drogar picked up a diagram of the Curator construct from Karazhan.  "Plus I can get a lot more expression and flexibility out o’ a robotic face than most golems have.”
   That seemed a lot more likely.  The mage frowned, though, uncertain if it was even possible.  "I don’t know if… Huh.“  He pulled one of Shedwyn’s journals closer and flipped through it and his notes.  When he found the page he was looking for, he skimmed his fingers across the pages until he had confirmed it from both.  "C-can you make it out of… copper?  The shell, at least?  Gold would also work, but that’s too soft for a robot.  And expensive.”
   “That’d still be an awfully soft robot.  How about electroplatin’ somethin’ tougher?”
   Janosis grabbed another book and checked again.  "That… might just work!  There’s a bit here about dipping inert stone in truesilver, because there wasn’t 'enough metal to form a construct of the desired size.’  And if she can access the internal power source, it could drastically reduce how often she needs to recharge!“
   Drogar scratched his chin, still eying the sketches.  "Does it need to be custom built, y'think?  Or could you use an old chassis?”
   “Oh, d-don’t got to too much trouble.  If you plate an old one, it should work fine.”  Janosis thought about that for a moment.  "Just not a Dro-bot.  O-or anything t-to s-scary.“  He mumbled, "Sh-she’s alr-ready t-t-too sc-scary.”
   The dwarven engineer laughed and clapped his friend on the shoulder.  "Don’t you worry, lad.  I think I’ve got the perfect spare layin’ about.  Just arrived!“
   Janosis smiled weakly and nodded.  He wasn’t sure why, but the twist in his stomach told him he’d given the wrong answer.

   It only took them a few minutes to get the crate open, but Shedwyn was already bouncing around giddily long before the last nail let go.  Janosis couldn’t help smiling, as well.  A few more hours of preparation, an she’d be waltzing around in her own body, completely free again.  They’d both be free.
   She got the first look, while he wrestled the lid somewhere out of the way.  Her elated grin faded to an incredulous gawp, and Janosis felt that twist in his gut again.  Somehow, Drogar had made something even worse than the Dro-bot.  He peeked around the edge of the crate.
   She asked uncertainly, "Is that… supposed to be me?
   “No,” Janosis moaned, questioning all the poor choices he’d made in his life that led him to this moment.  He clapped his hands over his face and turned away.  It wasn’t made to look like Shedwyn.  It was almost a foot too tall, the hair was all wrong, and the face was more mature than Shedwyn’s soft features had ever managed in her short life.
   Bob took Janosis’ place peeking around Shedwyn’s ghost, and laughed.
   “That’s Kaewynn.


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Uh... Awkwaaard <.<

Uh... Awkwaaard <.<

"When there is a will there is a way"

"Lead? Me? Nope, no no no no. Bad things happen when I lead. People die and I appear somewhere in Horde territory... with no pants!"