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The Argent Infiltrator Chatlog

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((Long post, still mostly in chatlog format with some alterations for readability. Unstable gnomes, speechy Nore, Quincy, and some minor language warnings.))

Alynore: Nore rides back to Ft Fordring. It's going to be a long night. She drops by the stables ostensibly to drop off Tenacity, but also to visit Quincy.With more apples, of course.
DrogarGM: (Fort Fordring is a bustle of activity. Quincy slowly takes an apple from Alynore, chewing on it thoughtfully.)
Alynore: "So about what we talked about before, handsome. Any ideas?" Nore asks, scritching him right behind the ears, one of the notorious hard to reach oneself spots.
DrogarGM: Quincy grabs another apple, then starts shuffling out of the stables.
Alynore: Nore takes a sec and hops on, if the elekk allows. She does have more apples if needed.
DrogarGM: Quincy huffs in an annoyed tone, but keeps walking into the courtyard, towards a gathering of argent troopers listening to an orc tell a story.
DrogarGM: "... so then Blook comes out from behind the mountain and -roars-, unseats half the riders with fear! I'd never seen Warsong so scared! haha!" The assembled troopers laugh uproariously, before noticing the approaching elekk. They jump to attention, including the orc, and salute. "Acting Commander Forrester, can we help you?"
Alynore: Nore acts casual, leaning forward on Quincy's back, listening in and looking over the group, checking each with the previous recordings from her goggles. "Evening men, at ease. Don't mind me, just getting Quincy some exercise." She salutes back jauntily and smiles, patting her noble steed.
DrogarGM: Quincy throws the apple at the orc, bouncing it off his head. "Gah! Lousy beast!"
Alynore: "Ooh, sorry about that. He's just fussy from being cooped up. Lemme take a look at that, soldier." Nore slips off Quincy and approaches the orc.
DrogarGM: The orc rubs his forehead. "Stupid elekk needs training. At least when the Commander was around it mostly just picked on him."
Alynore: "I heard from Rhia he got perfect scores on his training report card." Nore steps up to the orc, hand gently glowing with healing Light. "Don't let an elekk get his exercise though..."
DrogarGM: The light flows over the orc's brown skin, reducing the mark. "Thank you, sir." Then Quincy throws a rock at his head. "Grah! Tor folg gras...." The orc glares at Quincy, who glares right back.
Alynore: Nore looks back at the elekk, an eyebrow raised. Then back at the orc. "What was your name?"
DrogarGM: The orc growls. "Private Grimskull, Shadowmoon clan."
Alynore: "Shadowmoon, huh? Come over with Rulkan's folks?"
DrogarGM: "Yes, after the Commander earned our chieftain's trust, many of us came to help put a stop to the Iron Horde's madness." Quincy walks over to a nearby watering trough.
Alynore: "Been going how you thought it would, Private?"
DrogarGM: "Slower than I'd hoped..." the orc says, keeping his eye on the elekk. "I'm not the only one to be wondering what will happen here if the Commander doesn't recover."
Finkswitch: "The Commander WILL recover, Private. I will see to it, one way or another." Finkswitch walks up and pats Quincy, wearing civilian clothes.
Alynore: "That isn't a concern now. He is recovering; we figured out the cure, they're working on it now." She watches the orc--and the other nearby Argents. She manages to not grit her teeth at Fink's timing. Grah.
DrogarGM: Quincy pats the gnome with his trunk, then picks Fink up and hurls him at Private Grimskull.
Finkswitch: "WUAH!!!"
Alynore: I was going to tell--Whoa!"
Finkswitch: Finkswitch tumbles to the ground with Private Grimskull. "What the heck, Quincy? I thought we were bros!"
DrogarGM: Quincy gets a trunkfull of water from the trough and sprays Grimskull (and Fink) "THAT DOES IT! I DON'T CARE WHOSE ELEKK IT IS!" Grimskull tries to get to his feet, slipping a bit on the wet stone beneath his feet.
Finkswitch: "Grimskull, stand down. Irritating as he is, you're not hurting Quincy."
Alynore: Alynore moves to shove him back down. She helps by planting a foot on his groin. "Let's talk, private." She looks around for anyone else eying the scene.
Finkswitch: Finkswitch glares at Alynore. "I had it under control, Alynore."
DrogarGM: The crowd who was listening to his story, mostly orcs, is watching and looking quite concerned. "Who the hell do you think you are? What is the meaning of this?"
Alynore: "Fink, I'm working here. You. Has Quincy ever reacted this way to Grimskull before? The private ever do anything to this or other animals here?" Nore points to a random orc soldier, one of the ones listening in.
DrogarGM: "Everyone knows that Rhianon's elekk is crazy, but it usually just beats up the Commander... uh, sir."
Finkswitch: "Yeah, sure *airquotes* 'Commander'."
DrogarGM: Grimskull snarls. "I don't have to put up with this. It's clear that without the commander, this "crusade" is nothing but a farce. Let me up."
Alynore: "No. Fink, question this private. You might be interested in what he has to say. You there." Nore points to another private. "Get the XO. Tell him I want an accountability formation. Everyone in the courtyard in twenty minutes."
DrogarGM: The private runs off, and Grimskull tries and fails to get up. "What?! I have done nothing wrong, how dare you?"
Alynore: Nore smiles. it's not a nice smile. "I asked Quincy for help determining who doesn't belong. Elekks are smarter than folks give 'em credit for."
Finkswitch: "Fine..." Finkswitch moves to put a foot on his chest. "Grimskull, you know who I am and what I do, correct?"
DrogarGM: "You're the little one who runs the tank depot."
Finkswitch: "Yes... But do you know who I am, beyond that?" Finkswitch moves his foot from the orc's chest to his throat, not putting any real pressure, but keeping him still.
DrogarGM: The assembled troopers are muttering. Most of them look to be draenor locals.
Alynore: "I'll let you handle him from here, Fink. I got a formation to oversee. Quincy, let's go. The rest of you better go report. Now." She lets her own foot off the orc. He's in for a nasty surprise if he thinks the gnome will be easier alone.
DrogarGM: "You should let me up, Commander. I'm well respected among my kin. This might lead to a mutiny if you continue to mistreat me."
Finkswitch: "Grimskull, I will put a dagger in you, and each and every one of your companions if it comes to that, don't doubt that for a moment. I'm looking to get the Commander back on his feet. I don't need you morons causing trouble, and obviously you're an instigator."
Alynore: Alynore looks at the muttering locals and troops. "Keep it together, Fink," she reminds him, then raises her voice. "You soldiers there. Why're you here, in this garrison?" She asks them, looking at them each in turn.
Finkswitch: "Did you hear the story about our last outing? Where the demon was encountered, Grimskull?"
DrogarGM: Grimskull eyes Finkswitch. "Only that the team was particularily angry at you when they came back."
Finkswitch: Finkswitch puts a little more pressure on his neck, making a quick signal behind his back to Alynore, signaling he's got a plan.
DrogarGM: One of the orcs steps forward, a hard-eyed woman. "To stop the Iron Horde from destroying us all. Are you any better than them, human?"
Alynore: "We like to think so, but there's multiple sides to any war. But you're here, at Fort Fordring, when you could be fighting the Iron Horde from any other Alliance--or even Horde--garrison. So why here, among the Argent Crusade?" She asks. Nore nods slightly to Fink, but she's currently managing the locals.
DrogarGM: "The other bases here wanted nothing to do with us. The Draenei want nothing to do with us. The Commander offered us a chance to fight. To prove that we are not as mad as they."
Finkswitch: "And would you like to know why? I'll tell you. I'm goddamned batshit insane right now. I tried to kill an ally for speaking up. I stuck a NUKE in the Demon's MOUTH and set it off, BEFORE we got out of range. You think I care what happens to a pissant like you?!? So I think you better answer my questions... Are we clear, Grimskull?"
DrogarGM: "You may not care. But the Commander, the -real- one, would. Are you really going to kill me, drive all my brothers and sisters away, tear down his dream even as he dies in that strange pod?"
Alynore: "Do you understand WHY Dolraan gave you all that chance?"
DrogarGM: "The Crusade accepts all who are willing to stand against darkness. It's not supposed to become that darkness!"
Alynore: "Exactly. Dolraan honestly, truly believes in the Crusade's mission. He wants to spread that Light to others. Even if they don't always understand themselves. Do you believe, as Grimskull seems to, that Commander Dolraan's mission, his Crusade, is a "farce"?"
Finkswitch: "At this point, I'd rather The Commander be alive and loathe me than be dead. I don't care what he's going to think, as long as he's alive. That's the ONLY thing I'm focused on right now. Now... Why did the Elekk taunt you?" Finkswitch activates a button on his belt and his clothing changes to combat ready leathers, complete with Wrathion's dragon wings.
DrogarGM: Grimskull snarls. "I don't know. It's an asshole."
Finkswitch: "He is... But he's singled out you. Why? You know something... Or you don't belong. So talk, before I start using my knives."
DrogarGM: The woman shouts back. "No! But he never attacked us in the base! He would never bring us harm! You're just like the rest of your damned Alliance, aren't you? You blame us all for what happened on your world!" the crowd begins to mutter.
Finkswitch: Finkswitch frowns slightly and taps his com. "Kimzee... Code Cupcake."
DrogarGM: Colonel Kunz comes out of the main hall, armor gleaming in the moonlight. "Commander, is there something the matter?" Behind him are a number of crusaders, veterans from Azeroth.
Finkswitch: The loud rumbling of engines approaching spreads through the garrison.
Alynore: "Technically, the elekk did the attacking. What I'm asking, is do you believe in what Dolraan's taught you--because we're not all alike. Anymore that you are like the Iron Horde. And Dolraan exemplifies that." Alynore remains calm, but she is glowing with Light. She looks at Kunz. "I want a formation in the main yard. I want to know where everyone is, right now. That's all, Colonel."
Jia-Lian: One of the tanks in the motor pool is going through a quick startup. Quick as in 'someone is skipping huge parts of the checklist.'
Finkswitch: Several larger than normal tanks roll up, water cannons mounted on top of them.
Alynore: "Fink, is that necessary?"
DrogarGM: Kunz nods, then blows a whistle. "ARGENT CRUSADE! FORMATION!
Finkswitch: "It's a precaution. Grimskull...You're not talking." He draws a dagger and starts twirling it in his hands.
Alynore: "Fall in, everyone. Recruits as well." Nore eyes the Draenor natives. "I will be quite happy to explain what's going on, when everyone's together to hear it equally."
DrogarGM: Kunz walks over to Finkswitch. "Do you have a charge to press against Private Grimskull, mister Butterpants?"
Finkswitch: "Back off, Kunz. I'm questioning him."
Alynore: "Fink, let the Colonel do his job. He's asking a simple question."
DrogarGM: "This is not the Alliance, Mister Butterpants. I'm sure the Private will be happy to stand in formation between Private Blook and Private Gormogg." Blook and an ogre walk up behind the Colonel.
Finkswitch: "Kunz... Call me Mister Butterpants again and I will make you regret it. I am QUESTIONING a SUSPECT."
DrogarGM: "And I will remind you that your duties here, in this garrison, are limited to managing the tanks and engineering systems. Commander Dolraan would demand that we follow procedure in these matters. If you'll be so kind?" Blook moves to grab Grimskull's uniform by the back, intending to scruff him like a kitten.
Alynore: "Fink. He's right. You can keep an eye on him."
Finkswitch: "He would. But he should have left me in command here when he was indisposed. But he didn't... And he didn't leave YOU in command either..."
Alynore: "Let him up."
Finkswitch: Finkswitch glares at Alynore and steps back. "Fine 'Commander'."
Alynore: "Blook, help the private to his place in formation."
DrogarGM: "Blook help." the ogron says, punching himself in the head in his version of a salute.
DrogarGM: With a bit of muttering, the formation is formed, the local orcs arranging themselves close to one another, with the exception of Private Grimskull, who is standing with a very large hand on each shoulder, helping him stand.
Jia-Lian: Motor Pool tank is up and running now, but it hasn't moved yet. There's a parabolic microphone sticking out of one of the vehicle's hatches.
Alynore: Nore gets to the front of the formation, adjusting her gloves. "I'll start with an apology; that went where it should not have gone. We can't always control situations or events as we would like. And things are very tense now." She looks around. "I don't know how much they've told you recruits about our world, and what's gone on there. I completely understand your suspicions about off-worlders. Funnily, I've been in the same boat. I come from the same shattered world our Alliance draenei and green orcs came from. A world destroyed by demons and necromancers. By greed for power, and by distrust. I also know the orcs and draenei of Draenor are capable of better than that, that we can stop the crush of the Iron Horde and their misguided ambition, fooled as they were by a ruined man. But we have to do that together. Even if we don't always get along, or agree with each other’s methods." She frowns at Fink. "Not everyone agrees with that ideal, or the ideals of the Crusade. Commander Dolraan has been injured, yes. Someone helped his assailants. Someone who doesn't agree with view he has of all of you, and what you've built here." Nore lets Quincy roam free during all this, btw.
DrogarGM: Quincy wanders up behind Alynore and starts petting her with his trunk. Quincy then goes for another apple out of her bag.
Alynore: Nore lets him. She doesn't mind. "My methods are not Dolraan's. But we share the Light's touch, and I'll be damned before I let necromancers destroy another garrison, another village. And I dare anyone allied with such creatures to come for me."
Finkswitch: Finkswitch jumps with a flap of wings and lands on the edge of a nearby building, watching the assembled crowd closely.
Jia-Lian: In that tank way over there, Jia's nodding a bit. "Remember the Admiral." Yes, that's her parabolic mic. No, the garrison can't hear her.
Alynore: "I don't want this to become a witch hunt--despite some colleagues wanting to make it so--but I am here to find who hurt our brother, and would poison all you've accomplished despite others' beliefs."
DrogarGM: Quincy starts alternating between patting Alynore's pocket, and tossing small rocks towards Grimskull, which fall short.
Alynore: Nore walks over until she's standing in front of Grimskull. She watches him. "I am not a Crusader. But I saw not only what they did in Icecrown, coming together against the undead, but in lands ruined by Plague and rebuilding what was thought lost. They bring many people together to do it. Shamans, druids, Horde, Alliance. Their mission is not a farce. If any of you think it is, let me know now."
DrogarGM: Grimskull glares at you. "You accuse me without cause. You have no proof. Only your prejudice. Only your hate. You're less than half the leader the Commander is."
Finkswitch: From the rooftop "Alynore, this isn't working. Let me do this my way. I'll get answers."
Alynore: "I have an elekk that you've never interacted with suddenly taking a serious dislike to you. I haven't accused you of anything. I asked to talk. You seem awful quick to assume my prejudice and hate."
Finkswitch: "Alynore, check his pockets. Or Blook! Check his pockets."
DrogarGM: Blook nods. "Okay." Blook grabs grimskull by his ankles, and starts shaking him upside down.
Finkswitch: Finkswitch glides down and inspects whatever falls from his person.
Alynore: "Unless you're a warlock, anyway, I really don't like them much....I was going to have Grommogg do that..." Nore winces.
Finkswitch: "This is faster, and you're taking too long."
Jia-Lian: Okay, maybe that tank over there is giggling now.
Alynore: "Well, you pissed everyone off again." Nore shrugs.
DrogarGM: Grimskull shouts and heaves, shaken wildly as various items fall from his uniform. Unique among them is a strange coin, formed from steel with a glowing green rune. It slides to the feet of the orc woman from before.
Alynore: "What is that?" Nore asks the orc lady.
DrogarGM: She reaches down and looks at it. "This... this is Stormreaver? You... YOU TRAITOR!" she roars, only held back by the troopers on either side of her. "HE SERVES GUL'DAN!"
Finkswitch: "Excellent. Now we do this my way, right Alynore?"
DrogarGM: Blook looks to Alynore, holding Grimskull upside down. Grimskull himself is very, very dizzy.: The assembled orcs begin to shout, but their ire is now focused entirely on Grimskull. Kunz and the junior officers do what they can to hold them back.
Finkswitch: "Oookay... This isn't going well... Alynore, I'm getting him out of here. You know where."
DrogarGM: "Blook carry?"
Alynore: "Grimskull. You might be right; I might dislike YOU an awful lot. Blook, take that man where Finkswitch says. Go."
Finkswitch: Finkswitch slaps a device on Grimskull's chest and teleports out, with Blook.
Alynore: "ORDER" Nore slams a hammer of Light onto the courtyard.
Finkswitch: The tanks begin to whirl up for Code Cupcake, water starting to drip from the cannons
DrogarGM: The woman stands to attention. "Forgive me, Commander. He has been part of our clan since we were both little more than children. We…we didn't know."
Alynore: Nore steps forward and puts a hand on the woman's shoulder. "That's why betrayal's such an awful thing, private. This got ugly, but it could have been worse. Grimskull may have been seduced by promises, or tricked, or coerced, or forced; we don't know yet. We'll find out. And hopefully, save Dolraan in the process. The rest of you? Stay vigilant. Support one another, and don't let those bastards win by luring more into their deceitful ranks, and destroying what's begun here. It has the chance to be something amazing."
DrogarGM: Kunz steps forward. "I presume you'd like to preside over the interrogation of the prisoner, Commander? I can handle things from here. I think the fort could use a good surprise inspection in half an hour."
Alynore: "Sounds like a plan. Full inspection, all out for display. Uh. Now, about those water tanks..." She eyes them. "Stand down, guys. Back to the motorpool and prep for inspection."
Finkswitch: Kimzee shouts from one of the tanks "Sure, you got it, boss!" The tanks withdraw noisly back to the motorpool.

At which point, Nore plays Good Cop to Fink’s Bad Cop, but in the end Grimskull is left intact and in mostly good health, to be handed over to Rulkan’s Exiles and his own clan for judgment, observed by a veteran (orc) Argent Crusader.

Also Quincy gets his just rewards. Cuz that’s only fair. Nore will spoil him rotten for a day or so.