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Taking Down the Coven

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((Chatlog format again. Mild language warning, Nore gets salty at one point. The assault on the Shadow Council Coven! After capturing the infiltrator in Ft Fordring, it's time to go for his bosses. Fink's probation includes coordinating from mission control, rather than being in the field. Nore, Jonars, and Jia-Lian take some garrison followers and plenty of engineering beacons to a cave in SMV...))

Finkswitch: Alright, Mission Control here... Do you read?
Dolraan: (( Your group is gathered at the mouth of a cave in northeastern shadowmoon valley. The coven, and the necromancer, likely await within.))
Alynore: "I hear you."
Jialian: "Don't think we're fitting a tank down that."
Finkswitch: Jia, you're out of tank duty. We need you to scout ahead.
Jialian: "Yeah, figured. I'm shutting her down and locking her up."
Finkswitch: We have some schematics of the caverns, but they are inaccurate... Gather up and head in. I'm heading mission control from back here. Over.
Jialian: *Jia pops out of the tank. Then she's sneaking inward, wary of potential traps.*
Finkswitch: Jia, head in and report back. Everyone else standby. Over.
Jonars: *Simply crosses his arms waiting patiently at the entrance of the cave waiting for the Dragoons and Meddlers gathered there finish their preparations*
Dolraan: ((Jia is heading in?))
Jialian: (( Yes. Under stealth ))
Dolraan: The cavern is unusually warm, and you find definite signs of habitation. There will likely be defenses.
Finkswitch: Jia, report?
Alynore: Nore waits, ignoring Jonars, inspecting her gear. She is more fidgety than usual
Jialian: (via comms:) "We've got something down here. It's pretty sweaty down this way and evidence of peoples' presence. Give me a bit to look for traps, I'm kinda suspicious."
Finkswitch: Alright, Bravo team standby. Umm... Jia is Alpha, everyone else is Bravo... Over.
Dolraan: Jia, your caution is rewarded. You manage to duck behind a stalagmite as a patrol moves up from deeper in the cavern; an orcish warlock and a felhound. The hound sniffs the air, growling softly.
Jialian: (comms) "Patrol. One orc, one demon dog. Dog might be on to me."
Finkswitch: Roger. Alpha retreat to Bravo. Bravo, move in quietly.
Dolraan: The felhound growls, and the orc looks your way. "What is it, beast?"
Alynore: Nore gets up her shield and sword and starts moving in. She can try to be quiet, but, well.
Jonars: *Notices the rest moving in, he readies one of his runeblades and silently follows*
Finkswitch: ((Everyone would have a communicator for this mission))
Jialian: *It's really daring escape attempt time. Jia is attempting to shadowstep -behind- the orc, then sneak away while he's looking at where she used to be.*
Dolraan: Your shadowstep is successful, putting you behind the orc, who is oblivious. Sadly, not so for the felhound, which turns and snarls, lashing out its tentacles!
Finkswitch: Bravo! Alpha's been spotted! GO GO GO!
Jialian: *Blinding powder for the felpup! And since the orc's about to be alerted by the felhound's reaction, a Quaking Palm for the orc. If it works, that's when she tries to snap the orc's neck.*
Dolraan: Tylee Hackspring and Fo Sho Knucklebump follow Alynore and Jonars in, ready for a fight. The felpup ignores the powder, snapping at your leg, it seems you missed the sensory organs. The orc is prevented from shouting out, however.
Jialian: (Orc: dead or orc: stunned?)
Dolraan: ((orc stunned, necksnap requires not being eaten by felpup)) ((Alpha has arrived!))
Alynore: Nore follows the comms, heading in and down, sword and shield ready. If she gets to where she can see the melee, shield is getting flung at the orc and felhound. "Hey ogre-humper, over here!"
Jialian: *It's time for the boxing gloves of ultimate doom. ALLLLL the spikes. She tries to dodge away from the felpup, still focusing on keeping the orc from sounding any kind of alarm they might have.*
Dolraan: The shield wangs off the stunned orc, knocking him down, and smack the felpup in the back. The felhound, sensing delicious magic, turns to charge at Bravo team!
Jonars: *As Nore finishes her taunt Jonars points his runeblade at the felhound and blasts him with icy winds, while the second blade turns green readying a plague strike if the former didn't suffice*
Dolraan: The icy winds slow the felhound, leaving it unable to defend against Tylee's spinning fistblades, while Fo Sho jumps over and pins the orc to the ground beneath his prodigious mass. The clatter of a bucket draws your attention to a very shocked looking draenei, who quickly begins yelling bloody murder and running down the tunnel.
Alynore: “Jonars! Grab him!”
Finkswitch: Fel... Get in there, no time for subtlety. Jia, mark teleport targets, I'll send in turrets.
Jialian: "Kay. How many do we have ready?"
Finkswitch: As many as you need. Just GO!
Jonars: *Points his open palm at the Draenei a long arm of dark energy grabs him by the throat and pulls him back towards him, immediately one of his blades turn read as he strangulates him to keep him quiet*
Finkswitch: Support will be incoming.
Dolraan: You grab the draenei and haul him back, but his shouts echo through the cavern, and are answered after a moment by the sound of horns.
Finkswitch: Cave dimensions. Can we fit a tank in there?
Jialian: *Jia looks for good vantage points to drop a couple of Fink's turret beacons. Sounds like company's on the way!*
Finkswitch: *several turrets teleport in and whirr to life*
Jonars: *Jonars runs through the draenei with both runeblades and points at him ready to summon an undead minion. Everything helps.*
Dolraan: The turrets whir to life just in time as a trio of massive felguards charge up the tunnel, poleaxes forward.
Alynore: Nore curses in a couple different languages. "Let's go...Light dammit, Jonars. NO GHOULS."
Jialian: "So much for subtlety!"
Dolraan: The turrets fill the cavern with light and sound, hammering the felguards, dropping one and forcing the other two to stall their charge, slowly advancing using their poleaxes to block the shots.
Jonars: *Eyes Alynore for a moment then calls off the spell leaving the corpse of the draenei alone, turning his attention to the charging demons*
Alynore: Nore waits on the turrets to finish their initial barrage, and then charges forward to meet the felguards head on, calling on the Light to consecrate the ground around her.
Dolraan: once the turrets spin down, the felguards lift their weapons, intent on chopping Alynore and Fo Sho in twain!
Jonars: *Raises his hand attempting to cast both blood plague and frost fever on the demon attacking Fo Sho, both his runeblades glowing light blue as he charges in slashing at the demon describing an ascending arc with both blades on the same direction*
Finkswitch: Turrets porting out to reload. More reinforcements available on your signal.
Finkswitch: *the turrets flash and dissapear*
Alynore: Nore has shield. Also shield spells. And a sword of her own to get in under the poleaxes.
Jialian: *Jia's attempting to get behind the Felguards for terribly cheap shots with giant spiky boxing gloves.*
Dolraan: The felguards are powerful, but no match for the five of you, especially after being softened up by the turrets. After a short scuffle, they fall dead, fel-tainted blood staining the stones. A bellowing voice comes from the base of the cavern. "Come, intruders! Our altars are ready for your blood! You will serve the Legion, one way or another!"
Finkswitch: Bravo! Alpha! Forward. Gamma team is standing by to port in.
Alynore: Nore continues consecrating the ground. "Yeahyeahyeah. Let's go." She readjusts her grip on her weapons and strides forward. No rush.
Jonars: *Arches an eyebrow at Finkswitch message as he cleans up the demon blood from his runeblades with a quick frost spell, walking over the corpses of the fallen demons following Alynore closely*
Jialian: *Jia unpacks a single-shot rocket launcher from her kit. YAY, IT'S EXPLODING TIME*
Dolraan: You head down the cavern, and enter a massive chamber, lit by fel flames. Dozens of shadow council brutes and warlocks, orc and draenei alike await you, weapons and spells ready. Demons snarl and snap, and on a bluff above, the coven master and a black-dressed human await you, hands aglow with fel and necromantic spells. "So, who are you that is here to die for our Masters? Tell us your name, that we may commend you to the great beyond!" the orc declares.
Finkswitch: Drop the beacon! Gamma team is prepped to come in!
Dolraan: ((The chamber is very large, with tents, altars, and other accoutrements filling the space. The masters are on a bluff twenty five feet above the ground level ))
Alynore: "Commander Alynore Forrester. May the Light have mercy on you all--mine's used up." Nore says, dropping the beacon. "Now, Fink."
Finkswitch: *Light flashes as Blook, Kimzee and MILLHOUSE MANASTORM!!!! teleport in, with a team of crusaders*
Dolraan: Blook ROARS at the cavern, and the fight begins!
Finkswitch: Turrets are ready again, should you need them.
Alynore: Nore throws a Light's hammer onto the floor, jumping down after it and wading in. "Bring 'em! On the perimeters! Jia, get them placed!"
Jialian: *Jia just starts TOSSING BEACONS all over until she's nearly all out. (She's saving a few just in case)*
Jonars: *The temperature of the chambers gradually drop, particularly around Jonars swarms of unholy insects crawl out from the nooks of his armor as he charges in as well.*
Dolraan: As shadow council warriors fall, the necromancer begins to chant, rising them almost as soon as they fall to fight again! The Crusaders close ranks to defend. "You will NEVER save the Champion! He will die and I will HAVE MY REVENGE!"
Jonars: *Quickly reacts as one of his runeblades turn red again pointing his open palm at the necromancer suddenly closing it trying to apply a long distance strangulation to cancel his spell*
Finkswitch: Special turret incoming!!!
Alynore: "Oh, fuck you." Nore wings a shield at the necromancer the next time he raises his hands to cast. "Bring him to me, Jonars, we gotta talk."
Finkswitch: *a flash of light as a huge rotary turret pops in, and start firing a barrage of tranq darts at the Necromancer*
Dolraan: The necromancer chokes, then snarls and breaks the spell. "Traitorous cur! You could have been immortal!" He launches a shadowbolt directly at Jonars.
Dolraan: "YOU WILL NOT SLAY MY KEY TO POWER!" the master yells, summoning a dread infernal to block the attacks against the necromancer.
Dolraan: The necromancer smirks. "You see? These shadow council are far wiser than you! They will not capitulate to a sad, worthless mortal life!"
Finkswitch: Switching to secondary weapons... *the tranq darts stop as small missiles begin to fly towards the infernal*
Alynore: "BLOOK! GET IT!" She points at the infernal. "Fink, bring in Delta team. We need a few Dragoons in here backing the Crusaders."
Jialian: *Ooh, a big target. Jia fires off the disposable launcher at the infernal!*
Jonars: *His remaining runeblade turns green a green shell surrounds him absorbing most of the damage of that shadow bolt. Staggered by the impact he still attempts to cast Shadow Grip at him to bring him at closer range*
Finkswitch: Roger!
Dolraan: The infernal lets out a wicked roar, which is cut short by the impact of the rocket propelled grenade. The fiery construct staggers, but does not fall.
Alynore: "Crusaders, Standard Measures on the undead. Leave the 'locks for the Dragoons."
Dolraan: It is, however, off balance when Blook smashes into it, struggling with it head on.
Finkswitch: Get the infernal out of the way.
Dolraan: The necromancer is hit by a few darts as he dives for cover, yanking the darts out of his chest. "No, NO! Koragg! Destroy the book! DO NOT LET THEM TAKE THE BOOK!"
Dolraan: The master sneers. "The book is MINE human, it's power is MINE!"
Finkswitch: *a flash of light as Fiona, Lantresor of the Blade and the Image of Archmage Vargoth teleport in with another group of crusaders*
Dolraan: The master is surrounded by fel energy. He is attempting to escape!
Finkswitch: *the turret turns and begins firing tranqs into the orc*
Alynore: "Book, huh?" Nore signals for Jonars to snag the orc, as she wings a stunning Fist of Justice his way.
Jialian: *Jia's also trying to shadowstep directly up there, if she can.*
Dolraan: The orc grins, his spell deflecting the projectiles... then his grin turns to a gape, as Jia appears in front of him, taking the book away, and punching him.
Dolraan: His spell disrupted, he is hit by a fusillade of darts, falling down and unconscious.
Alynore: Nore drops another beacon, activating more reinforcements from Dragoon Garrison.
Finkswitch: *a flash of light as Dragoon reinforcements pop in to join the fray*
Dolraan: With the master down, the Infernal collapses, the energies binding it spent. The necromancer shouts in fury. "NO! NO! YOU WILL NOT DO THIS TO ME AGAIN!"
Jialian: *said reinforcements including her husband for fire support. "UP AND AT 'EM, BOYS!"*
Dolraan: He is wreathed in shadows, calling as much power to himself as he is able!
Finkswitch: Get the Necromancer! *the tranq turret turns and starts firing at the Necromancer*
Alynore: "Maybe you shoulda learned your lesson the first time. Dragoons, warlock duty!"
Alynore: Nore is making her way to the Necromancer.
Jialian: *Jia is attempting to make a getaway with the book, getting it to a safe distance from the opposing force before returning to the fray.*
Finkswitch: Teleporting Alpha out with the book. Alpha, get clear!
Dolraan: The shadowy energy lances out, striking the remaining shadow council and draining the life from their bodies, leaving them as little more than mindless undead husks, causing the necromancer's spell to grow in power!
Jonars: *Jonars finally spots the Necromancer making his way as well chilling winds flying around him menacingly, suddenly casting icy chains around the Necromancer*
Finkswitch: *a flash of light as Jia teleports out*
Jialian: *Jia's going for ALL the dirty tricks on the way out. Vanishing powder, a smoke bomb, the cloak of shado- Oh, there's Fink's evac port. GOOD!*
Alynore: "Ah, fel. Honey, shoot that sonuvabitch, wouldja?" Nore flings out Holy Wrath, consecrates, and hammers to smack down the undead.
Dolraan: "If I go down I AM TAKING YOU ALL WITH ME! FOR THE LICH KING!" the necromancer yells, detonating his spell, unleashing a wicked wave of Death into the cavern.
Finkswitch: Get that barrier down! The turret can do the rest.
Jialian: (wes) "Isn't that sonofabitch dead?" Wes bolts for cover, going for potshots on the way if he can.
Jonars: *Tsks plunging his runeblades into the ground erecting an anti-magic zone of a 7mts radius around him* "Quickly!"
Finkswitch: *Kimzee steps from the shadows behind the Necromancer and smashes him in the back of the head with her GIGANTIC crescent wrenches*
Dolraan: Kimzee tries to get close, but the death energy pushes her back, forcing her to activate her Very Safe Field or risk soul-wrenching doom! The anti-magic field blocks the wave, protecting those behind it from the spell. Blook reaches into his pouch from behind a large bounder, and tosses something into the air that glows.
Alynore: Nore will Shield herself, and HoP who she can as they fall into the antimagic shield. Also triggering Devo Aura, cuz it's silly to not be able to access a spell she knows.
Finkswitch: MILLHOUSE MANASTORM cowers, encasing himself in ice
Dolraan: A small mrrglrr is heard, as a flash of light comes from above the necromancer and smashes into him, knocking him down and cancelling his spell, as Galaloc tumbles off his head to the ground, helmet spun backwards by the impact. The cavern grows silent, the corpses of the fallen lying still. Galaloc stumbles about unable to see, murglring and gurgling.
Jonars: *Slowly raises as the barrier fades* "How convenient..."
Finkswitch: Beacons on the leaders! Evac port incoming!
Alynore: Nore strides forward to the necromancer, steadying Galaloc on the way. "Good job." She drops a beacon on the necromancer.
Dolraan: The Master is very dead, thanks to the spell. The Necromancer, on the other hand, is alive, but unconscious.
Finkswitch: *a flash of light as the Necromancer teleports off*
Jonars: *Walks up to the necromancer lifting up one of his runblades aiming straight to his neck ready to cut his head off for proof to the Ebon Watcher. Jonars frowns as the Necromancer vanishes slowly lowering his blade.*
Alynore: Nore smirks at Jonars. Too late. "We need him alive for the moment."
Finkswitch: You can have his head when we're done.
Jialian: (Wes): "We can give you a picture of his head, though."
Jonars: "Do as you wish, I just want his head"
Finkswitch: Retreat to the evac point.
Jonars: *Sheathes both his runeblades reluctantly*
Jialian: (wes) "Alright. Now, which way's the evac? Teleporters..."
Finkswitch: Well done, we'll heal the wounded when you get back.
Alynore: "Given all he did here. We got the book, anything else?" She looks around, frowning at the bodies. "Setting charges. Everyone out."
Jialian: (wes) "We got any casualties down here? Don't leave any behind."
Dolraan: There are some injuries, but no good guys died today.
Jonars: "It's just corpses down there."
Jialian: (wes) "The key point being that none of them are ours."
Alynore: Nore makes sure she's the last out of the cavern, doing a quick sweep for anything else of interest, and setting charges. "None I see. Everyone's out, Fink."
Jonars: *Shrugs his shoulders* "They would be corpses anyway, no point."
Finkswitch: Set the timer on the charges. Teleporting out. *a flash of light as the groups port out one by one*
Jialian: (wes) *Before porting out, he gives Jonars a Very Disapproving Look.*
Alynore: She glowers at Jonars as she waits on teleport, hitting the timer before it's her turn (she is last).
Jonars: *Simply ignores the looks as he is teleported away with the rest*
Dolraan: The cavern grows silent, before the charges go off, burying the corpses and fel implements beneath tonnes of earth and stone.

-The Necromancer is a prisoner for information. Then being given his Crusade trial and likely execution, his head promised to the Ebon Blade.

-The book is sent to Anatevka and the warlocks (Dushald and Switchfink) to figure out the process needed to combat the Plague, Curse, and Demon all at the same time. It apparently includes a note for the master from Gul'dan, calling him an idiot for allying with the Necromancer this "new power."

-The teleporters are offline for a few weeks, cuz man did they get used here and need time to cool down recharge, and get some TLC maintenance...