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Stalking me everywhere.

Flitting in and out of my gaze. Making my bones shiver. Howling as their blades whistle a blood chorus. Slicing apart dreams, only to release nightmares.

They all have to die.

Rage, why am I so angry? That fire welling up from my heart, consuming other sensations as it aches. Seething, those green monsters want more than they’ve already taken. They can’t have it

I spit in their ugly red eyes.

They deserve everything that comes to them. Whining about being tricked, excuses won’t get my sympathy. Go grovel before your demon lords, I loathe you entirely!

Oh light… why is this happening.

I need it to stop.

Where is Daci. Why is she at the Dragoon Garrison. I need her near me. It makes me feel better



I love her, 

Yes Yes