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Saving Dolraan - Garrison Chatlog

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((As before, the logs of Dolraan's healing RP. What happened in the Spirit World while the physical healers and Switch did their thing? That is up to Rhianon and Dolraan to tell...))

Darlain takes a deep breath.
Darlain says: Ok Dar, just gotta... let your friend die and exorcise a demon...No pressure...
Braghaman raises an eyebrow.
Alynore says: I'll help as I can.
Alynore eyes Switchfink up and down.
Braghaman adds quietly, "If there's anything I can do, just say."
Braghaman glances at the little warlock then looks back to Darlain.
Darlain says: Alright, it's a beholder type... but... liquefied, Switchfink. I don't know what it's going to take to exorcise the thing, but It should get out somehow when he dies.
Switchfink says: Shouldn't be a problem.
Rhiza says: Looks like I'm not too late. Good.
Switchfink says: Finkswitch is ready with Plan B.
Alynore says: Light willing, we won't need it.
Switchfink nods at Alynore.
Braghaman almost asks, but then stops and stands quietly.
Switchfink eyes Rhiza up and down. Switchfink winks slyly at Rhiza.
Rhiza looks at Switchfink and covers her face with her palm.
Switchfink says: Alright, Fink's ready with Plan B, Rhia. Open the pod...
Darlain says: Ok... Dolraan's on the brink... we all clear on what to do?
Alynore says: So we got druids, light-slingers, a warlock, and Rhia. We got a gameplan?
Rhianon says: ...Do we?
Rhiza says: Hopefully one that doesn't involve this 'plan B.' 'Plan B' is never a good plan.
Switchfink says: Plan B is... Sketchy at best.
Darlain says: Ok... so, we're going to release the stasis... he.. well.. he should die very quickly.
Braghaman nods slowly.
Bianca chews her lip anxiously.
Alynore says: But we gotta cleanse the poison, the plague, and Switch is going to wrassle the demon. And keep his body technically alive while Rhia does her thing in the spirit world to keep him anchored...
Darlain says: Switch, gets the demon, we work on removing the poison from the body, as well as the plague.
Switchfink says: Yeah... This is gonna be pretty rough...
Darlain says: And Rhia... you bring 'im back.
Rhiza says: Detox will be ... challenging with a demon breathing down our collective necks.
Jörmund tenses his jaw, tapping the hilt of his sword nervously.
Rhianon nods.
Switchfink says: Rhia, you know what to do if something happens, right?
Rhianon says: Which plan are we talking about, Switch?
Switchfink says: Plan B.
Rhianon says: Plan B is only a plan b.
Switchfink says: Yeah... In case something happens. We're all ready?
Rhianon nods.
Rhiza says: I believe so.
Braghaman nods silently.
Bianca nods vigorously, in the background.
Alynore says: Druids handle the poison, Dar and I can take the plague...
Switchfink says: Alright... Open the pod, I'm ready...
Braghaman says: What would you like me to do?
Alynore says: Bragh backs us up, Jormund...back up Switch.
Rhianon says: I make sure Dolraan doesn't actually die.
Switchfink cracks his knuckles
Darlain says: Aye, magic and disease, I’ll nullify it if you purify it, lass.
Braghaman says: Okay.
Rhiza says: And between all of us, don't let his body finish killing itself.
Alynore says: We just gotta keep him in that nearly not-really state bodies go to where they can still be restarted.
Rhianon lies down.
Darlain summons a font of Light energy to draw on.
Alynore prays.
Alynore says: Jormund. Open it up.
Alynore points at the stasis pod.
Rhiza says: No pressure, right? I'm only the junior member of the medical wing...
Braghaman takas a deep breath and lets it out slowly.
Bianca shrugs ruefully.
Jörmund takes a deep breath and mutters something for himself.
Jörmund says: Here goes.
Switchfink says: Alright! Let me know when lifesigns are optimal...
Jörmund pulls up the side of the pod slowly opening it.
Switchfink closes his eyes, focusing and waiting for the signal to remove the demon
Dolraan's pod opens with a hiss, and he gasps, and begins to thrash and groan, breathing fast and shallow.
Alynore sucks in a breath and grits her teeth. She's got a hand on his ankles.
Dolraan's breathing becomes even harder, gasping trying to take in air.
Braghaman frowns
Darlain says: Ok... let’s get to it, getting some of the work while he's alive will 'elp!
Dolraan screams weakly as the light flows into his body, and he begins to seize.
Darlain says: Sorry lad, this'll be quicker this way!
Rhiza is starting to wind up detoxification spells. "Say when."
Dolraan 's tremors weaken... and stop. His final breath escapes. The light goes out in his eyes.
Bianca is doing the same next to Rhiza.
Darlain says: Bloody when, lass!
Switchfink says: Got it...
Dolraan's demon roars. "NO! MY MEAL! YOU WILL NOT DENY MY MEAL!"
Switchfink summons Moreth from Dolraan's body
Switchfink says: I don't think so..
Alynore yells: Let's get him back!
Switchfink starts chanting and binding the demon
Rhiza is pouring on the detox, interspersed with healing energy to try and maintain Dolraan's body.
Dolraan's demon lashes out towards Switchfink, intent on devouring him!
Switchfink summons fel energy to protect himself and banish the demon
Dolraan's body begins to darken as the scourge attempts to convert him, but it is halted by the power of the Light.
Jörmund quickly moves behind the demon using hammer of justice to stun it.
Switchfink says: I don't think so, spanky.
Darlain says: Thats it lass, we've got it!
Alynore works on cleansing based on the grimoire's info. She chants in more-passable-than-usual draenic
Dolraan's colour returns, as the scourge is purged from his form.
Alynore says: Do your thing, druids!
Dolraan suddenly gasps, breathing hard and looking around in a panic!
Jörmund says: Hungry demon? Come at me!
Switchfink completes his binding spell and dismisses the demon.
Darlain says: Aye, plague is whipped!
Dolraan's demon screams. "NOOOOOOooooooo....."
Rhiza says: I've been doing it!
Alynore says: Dolraan! Heal yourself!
Dolraan says: GAAAAAAAA!
Switchfink says: Jormund, help with the disease.
Rhiza isn't letting up on the detoxification spells.
Switchfink says: I've done all I can do... Is it working???
Jörmund turns his attention to Dolraan and casts cleanse on him as well joining the others.
Dolraan breathes heavy, lifted into the air by the power of his personal light, landing on unsteady feet.
Darlain says: Hah! It worked!
Dolraan blinks, looking around.
Braghaman looks at Dolraan.
Rhianon remains asleep.
Switchfink eyes Dolraan up and down.
Dolraan says: Okay.... not complaining, but OW.
Darlain says: Yeah... sorry...
Braghaman smirks slightly.
Switchfink says: Huh... Well... I guess we don't need Plan B.
Alynore says: Well. You died. Technically.
Dolraan rubs his shoulder. The wound is now just a fairly ugly scar.
Darlain says: I kinda figured it'd be better to uhh.. well speed it up.
Jörmund says: Don't be a wuss.
Dolraan says: Rhia?
Jörmund grins.
Dolraan says: I saw her... I think...
Alynore says: She's still in her trance.
Dolraan says: It got really fuzzy...
Alynore points at Rhianon.
Darlain says: Yeah, we 'ad 'er pull yer soul back.
Dolraan says: There was a light, then a demon in my way, then it was gone...
Rhiza says: Her job was to not let your soul go on. Or something like that, I believe.
Dolraan says: Then I was in a forest, and there was Rhia... and... someone else?
Switchfink says: Yeah, that part was all me.
Darlain says: Hrm?
Alynore says: Someone else?
Dolraan rubs his head and groans.
Dolraan says: It's... all fuzzy.
Jörmund shrugs.  Who knows?
Bianca eyes Rhia a little uncertainly.
Alynore says: Probably meant to be
Dolraan tries to get up, but stumbles backwards.
Rhiza says: ...What? It's a Gilnean skin condition.
Switchfink says: Umm.... Why isn't Rhia coming out of her trance?
Dolraan says: Ugh, dizzy. Check her....
Jörmund kneels before Rhianon.
Rhianon is faintly stirring.
Jörmund puts a hand on Rhia's forehead and gently nudges her.
Alynore puts a hand on Dolraan's shoulder.
Alynore says: You stay down;
Rhianon says: Alynore?
Jörmund says: Not really... are you okay?
Alynore says: Rhia.
Rhianon says: Oh, I'm sorry.
Rhianon nods, sitting up.
Dolraan says: Love?
Alynore says: It's ok.
Rhianon says: You...made it okay? I couldn't tell.
Dolraan says: Yeah... thanks to you... all of you.
Rhiza says: Well, he's sitting up, that's usually a good sign.
Dolraan says: I feel like I got run over by the iron horde express, but I made it.
Rhianon rubs her forehead.
Dolraan grins weakly.
Rhianon smiles.
Rhiza says: Funny story about that, actually.
Dolraan says: How about you? I think I saw someone with you... on the other side?
Rhianon says: There was.... I wasn't...sorry, it's all very mixed up in my head. Whoever it was was very angry with me. That much I know.
Alynore says: Both of you need a good night's rest.
Rhiza says: ...Uhm.
Dolraan says: Guys... seriously. Thank you. I thought this was going to be the one.
Darlain says: Well, 'spose it don't matter much... yer both alive.
Bianca quirks her head to the side.
Switchfink says: Yeah... You're gonna need to have a chat with Fink, by the way... He went a little nutso while you were out of it.
Alynore says: A LITTLE?
Darlain says: Lad, I’d walk tae the Nether and back fer ya. and trust yeh tae get me 'ome.
Rhianon says: ....Yeah, about that, Dolraan...
Alynore says: Man. Now I don't have an excuse to keep Dushald out of our ranks; his research was invaluable.
Darlain says: It's the least I kin do.
Jörmund says: Bah, you would've done the same thing for anyone of us so there's no need.
Rhianon says: Don't ask how Fink got his measurements.
Darlain laughs at Rhianon.
Dolraan says: .. measurements?
Rhianon says: Yeah, for Plan B.
Dolraan says: How long was I down?
Rhiza says: I think I'd better leave the explaining of that one to people who were actually there.
Jörmund slightly shivers at the word.
Switchfink says: Endowment. Detachable endowment.
Dolraan says: Oh Light, Fink's plan B's are always...what.
Rhianon covers her face with her hand.
Switchfink cackles maniacally at Dolraan.
Braghaman raises an eyebrow.
Darlain says: Light...
Jörmund snorts.
Alynore says: I did not need to know that. That is right up there with details of Llane and Gilly's private lives.
Bianca blushes slightly and glances to the sides of the floor.
Darlain says: Well I suppose if it were my 'usband, I would want some upgrades.
Dolraan says: Good to see not much has changed while I was down. How about the guys behind this? Did you stop them?
Switchfink says: Yeah, I heard Drogar's 'endowment' is sub-standard.
Darlain says: I wonder if 'e made it vibratable?
Switchfink says: Oh, he's done for.
Rhianon sighs.
Rhiza says: I gather there was a lot of exploding involved, so ... Yes.
Darlain thinks for a moment.
Rhianon says: Darlain...
Alynore says: ANYWAY
Bianca coughs slightly, nodding vigorously at Alynore's "ANYWAY."
Alynore says: There was a traitor in the ranks, but Quincy and I weaseled him out. With some not-exactly-help-but-it-worked from Fink.
Rhianon says: You'd be proud of Quincy, love.
Dolraan says: Man, Kunz must be a wreck by now. Quincy? Helping? Are you sure I'm not dead right now, in some better world?
Rhiza says: As for progress with cracking the Foundry, we'll have reports for you within a day or two.
Rhianon nods. "He helped Alynore."
Switchfink says: Yeah, Fink's kinda upset you left Alynore in charge too... It was fun watching him rant about it.
Alynore says: He responds very well to flattery and bribes and feeling useful. Elekks are bright, you know.
Jörmund says: It was quite the ruckus, you should've seen him. It was grade A tracking work.
Rhianon says: I always knew Quincy was smarter than he let on...
Alynore says: Fink can learn some gorram respect and also stuff it he had other stuff to do.
Switchfink shrugs at you.  Who knows?
Jörmund says: He was a bit... rattled by the whole ordeal.
Dolraan says: I chose my backup very carefully.
Switchfink says: I'm just letting you know. Plus, it gets you riled up at Fink, which is just icing on the cake.
Dolraan smiles at Alynore.
Switchfink grins at you wickedly.
Rhiza says: Rhia?
Rhianon says: Well, considering how batty Fink went, it was a good choice.
Rhianon says: Yes, Rhiza?
Alynore says: And then we went to the Shadow Council lair and beat them up, took their book, and have a necromancer in lockup. He -really- hates you, Dolraan.
Rhiza says: Where does Dolraan keep his shirts? He could use one.
Switchfink says: You should tell him that, Rhia.
Dolraan says: Necromancer?
Alynore says: On the other hand, crazy-Fink makes it much easier to play Good Cop.
Dolraan looks at his bandages, then looks beneath them.
Rhianon says: There are some in the chest over there.
Dolraan says: Oh hey, I guess you guys healed the crap out of me.
Rhianon says: Yeah, they did excellent work.
Switchfink says: I don't think he was quite crazy then... Just pissed off.
Braghaman tilts his head slightly.
Dolraan removes his bandages, taking a deep breath.
Bianca smiles modestly.
Rhianon says: Hardly noticeable.
Rhiza is going to assume there's a chest around here somewhere.
Switchfink says: Hey! I sucked a friken DEMON out of you and bound... er... banished it forever.
Dolraan looks himself over.
Darlain says: Light lad, put those away before you poke someone's eyes out.
Rhiza says: That is our job, Dolraan.
Darlain winks slyly at Dolraan.
Dolraan says: Well, looks like I'm still in decent shape.
Rhianon says: Thank you, Switchfink.
Rhianon says: The stasis pod does a good job.
Alynore eyes Switchfink up and down.
Dolraan says: A demon?
Switchfink says: Huh... That's the first time any of you chumps have thanked me for anything...
Dolraan says: Light, this guy went all out didn't he.
Alynore says: You were poisoned, Plagued, and possessed.
Darlain says: Aye, thats why we could nae 'eal you.
Dolraan says: Thank you, Switchfink.
Switchfink says: I feel all warm and fuzzy inside....
Darlain says: Demon ate the Light.
Switchfink burps rudely.
Switchfink says: Nope, just gas.
Jörmund says: The necromancer put more than just venom on that blade they used on you.
Rhianon says: Well, we appreciate your help, S...hey!
Rhiza grabs a few folded shirts and offers them to Rhia so she can offer them to Dolraan.
Switchfink cackles maniacally.
Rhianon offers a shirt to Dolraan and hands the remaining over to Rhiza.
Rhianon says: So, you had  the mystery plate at supper, Switch?
Rhiza looks at what's left. "I suppose plaid doesn't go well with recovery from mortal peril."
Rhianon smirks at him.
Dolraan says: Well, I feel very tired and very hungry, but otherwise I think I'm going to be okay. What's next?
Alynore says: You've missed quite a bit; at the same time, Ravenholdt group had another crisis, Bragh's had stuff going on in Duskwood, and Pin...well, she's recovering from her own misadventure.
Switchfink says: Heh... He looks like a lumberjack.
Darlain says: Well, food and rest.
Rhianon says: And nothing exploded. Very much, that is.
Jörmund says: You picked the wroooong moment to get stabbed friend.
Alynore says: Soon as you're on your feet, I am handing back command and Wes and I are going on vacation.
Rhianon says: A romantic getaway?
Rhiza says: Usually, people don't 'choose' to get stabbed, Rhane.
Alynore says: If sleeping for days is romantic, sure.
Dolraan says: That sounds wonderful right now, actually.
Braghaman looks at Alynore. "Go to Ironforge.  Walls are thick enough to keep most things out.
Jörmund restrains himself to make any comment.
Rhiza says: Sleeping -together- for days, maybe.
Bianca walks over to a far table and pulls a pot away from the hearth. She comes back with a bowl and a teacup.
Dolraan says: Think we can get Kunz to deliver us breakfast in bed, love?
Alynore says: I hate you all. Just to remind you.
Alynore grins as she says it, though
Rhiza smirks slyly at you.
Rhianon says: We love you too, Alynore.
Switchfink says: I don't love her.
Rhianon says: You do. You just don't know it.
Switchfink says: She's kind of uptight.
Dolraan says: Thank you, Bianca.
Rhiza says: Remember who's keeping you together when you're letting orcs punch you in the face, 'Nore.
Braghaman glances from person to person.
Bianca says: I made it myself ... just in case. There's brown sugar in with the carrots.
Bianca stammers this out.
Dolraan upends the bowl of Sautéed Carrots into his mouth.
Rhiza says: Rhia, will you be alright with him for now?
Darlain is crying, she hasn't noticed it yet.
Rhianon nods.
Rhianon says: We'll be fine.
Braghaman tilts his head and looks at Darlain.
Rhiza says: Alright. Call if you need any assistance.
Dolraan says: I look forward to the story about the look on Kunz's face when he showed you my order, 'nore.
Alynore says: I should go let the troops know. Managed to keep most of your recruits, especially once the traitor was revealed. It took him a week. Good thing too, or I might have just left it to him after all.
Rhiza says: If you don't mind, I can bunk somewhere nearby overnight in case of complications.
Switchfink says: Alright, I've got a demon to mess with... I mean... Umm... I've got... A demon... To... Mess with? Ah crap...
Dolraan says: Maybe I should make an appearance, let them see with their own eyes.
Alynore eyes Switchfink up and down.
Alynore says: You -kept- it
Dolraan tries to get up unassisted, and flumps back down.
Switchfink attempts to sneak out
Switchfink says: Nooooo....
Dolraan says: Or maybe I won't quite yet.
Jörmund shakes his head at Switch...
Rhianon says: Take it easy.
Switchfink says: Definitely not...
Darlain says: Dolraan. You go get food, go to bed, and maaaaybe 'get some cuddles. That's an order.
Switchfink says: I promise!
Alynore looks at Switchfink and covers her face with her palm as the warlock dashes away.
Switchfink yells: It's ok, guys, trust me!
Rhiza says: Says the demon-humper.
Alynore says: Friggin' warlocks, I swear.
Bianca smiles a small smile. "There are more carrots in the pot; I pulled them off the fire to cool." She says this after tapping Rhia on the shoulder, then begins to walk out of the room.
Braghaman frowns slightly.
Rhianon shakes her head and smiles at Bianca.
Dolraan says: Yes doctor Truthhammer.
Rhiza says: Welcome back, Dolraan.
Darlain sighs happily, "Light, I need a drink. I need ten drinks... "
Rhianon laughs. "I think everyone could use one."
Rhiza says: I think they have those here, Darlain.
Dolraan says: Do I get one? I don't usually, but I think this calls for it.
Braghaman nods to Dolraan  and then quietly turned and heads out.
Rhianon says: You get as many as you like.
Jörmund says: We'll get to celebrate later, for now just rest.
Jörmund eyesAlynore up and down.
Jörmund says: What happened with the grimoire ma'am?
Alynore says: Given to the Crusade. The Ebon Blade wants the necromancer's head.
Dolraan says: I wouldn't mind a chance to talk to that asshole.
Jörmund says: You know my father want's both the book -and- the necromancer's head.
Alynore says: Your father's corpse can suck an egg. The Crusade has jurisdiction, and the Ebon Watcher can deal with that.
Dolraan says: The Crusade is the best to dispose of the grimoire. They've got a team that does that as their entire job.
Alynore doesn't like Jonars much. Still.
Dolraan says: Highlord Fordring will smooth if over if Mograine gets ornery.
Jörmund shrugs his shoulders. "Fine by me, last thing we need is trouble with the Ebon Balde over a stupid book." Jörmund stretches his hand at Dolraan smiling. "Good to see you among the living again Dolraan."
Dolraan takes Jormund's arm, gripping his wrist in turn. "For the Light, brother."
Jörmund says: For the Light.
Dolraan says: Love? Help me up? Legs are still wibbly.
Rhianon offers her arm to Dolraan.
Dolraan stands with her help, leaning on her and taking the opportunity to place his hand on her rear.
Dolraan says: Thanks love, that works.
Rhianon says: You know, the Dolraanbot has five speeds... I mean.
Jörmund snorts.
Rhianon says: Did I say that?
Dolraan says: Shhh, not now. Deal with whatever that is later.
Alynore says: Right. Going to let everyone know you're alive.
Jörmund says: Yeah I'll assist on that. Have a good evening.


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I would've put "Saving

I would've put "Saving Private Dolraan" just for the sake of comedy. 


"When there is a will there is a way"

"Lead? Me? Nope, no no no no. Bad things happen when I lead. People die and I appear somewhere in Horde territory... with no pants!"