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Lucie's Tours: FFXIV Fun Night (6/11/2015 - Thurs - @ 6:30 MDT)

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Since we have a number of people playing FFXIV and leveling/progressing in the story, I thought it would be fun to set up a night during the week to do something together -- whether it's helping someone do a dungeon for their story progression, FATE hunting or just doing some treasure maps! Examples:

-- Low level dungeons/trials -- Need Titan done? Garuda? Or maybe you're leveling a new job and want to practice in a lowbie dungeon with friends...or you're leveling your first job and need to do the story dungeons!

--FATE hunting -- Doing FATEs as a large group provides tons of xp and company seals/points.

-- Triple Triad Tourney -- Who says we have to do things out in the stupid boring world? We can just sit around the Quicksand and play Triple Triad!

-- [50] -- Hunts! Kill your grand company's targets and get tokens to put towards gear and other rewards!

-- [50] High End dungeons -- need a higher level dungeon? Anything from Aurum Vale to hard modes, we've got you covered!

-- [50] Crystal Tower -- Have you unlocked the LFR-style raids yet? Even if the gear doesn't interest you, the raids all drop unique triple triad cards and pets.


And I'm sure there are some things I haven't thought of...

We'll pick the activities based on what people need -- with a priority towards completing story content.

Group sizes -- 1 to 4 people for dungeons  (1 tank, 1 healer, 2 dps)

1 to 8 people for Crystal Tower and Hard Mode Primals  (1-2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 DPS)

                        Everything else? As many as we can fit! If necessary, we can create multiple FATE groups that stick together.


Post what you are interested in/need and your job(s)!



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I wish I could come, it

I wish I could come, it sounds like fun! Unfortunatly it's my game night on Thursdays. :(

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At first, Dark wonders why

At first, Dark wonders why Erick Gage is on a poster in a dress, and then realizes this must be the sister he kept lamenting being related to. She smirks and takes a copy for reference later.

((If I stick with the game, I may get in on this at some point))