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Future Foretold

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So...there was a prompt on Tumblr. Descibe a scene in the future for your character(s). I got one for Lai-Ning, and Cui-Fen/Tai. So...posting them here! These are both rather sad so...keep that in mind.

Please make a note...nothing is ever set in stone.


Little paws pattered around and around the kitchen, making Gozo chuckle.

“And what are you doing up, little ones?”

Two little heads popped up on either side of him.

“Papa, I can’t sleep! Lanny keeps saying she’s hearing something in the closet, an’ it’s scary!”

“Well, I do keep hearing things! Papa, there’s something in the closet, an’ Mai is too scared to go look!”

“Am not!”

“Are too!”

Gozo reached down and swept both girls up in each arm.

“Oh ho! No arguments before bed, girls. You remember the rules!”

Downcast, both girls murmured their agreement.

“Yes, Papa…”

Still chuckling, Gozo plodded down the hall to the half-closed door to their room.

“If there is something scary in your closet…I think Papa can handle it. What do you think?”

He set the twins down on their beds, as they nodded rapidly.

“Go Papa!”

“Yeah, Papa can handle -anything-!”

The closet was, in fact, making rattling noises. A particularly loud thump made all three of them jump.

Gozo shook his head, steeling himself…and opened the door.

A streak of metal came tearing out, circling the ceiling rapidly and making clanking noises.

“Oooooh, Pan-Long! How did you get in there?”

“You’re not supposed to be in here, Pan-Long! This is the -girls- room!”

The mecha-drake dove and snapped playfully at Lanny’s head, before zipping off through the door.

“Papa, can we play with Pan-Long tomorrow?”

“Of course, little one. But it is time for sleeping right now. You already said goodnight to your Mama, right?”

They nodded, snuggling into their beds with small yawns. He smiled, giving each girl a gentle nuzzle.

“…Sleep well, my little dumplings.”

He waited until he was sure they were deep asleep before leaving, closing the front door gently behind him.

Pan-Long flitted about his head as he plodded down the well-worn path.

Lighting the candles, he crouched and rested his head against the stone for a long moment before speaking.

“….they are getting to be quite a handful, my Little Lai.“

Raising his head, Gozo sniffed, eyes bright with tears. He traced a paw down the lettering on the grave gently.

“…and every day, I wish you were here to see it…”




Pausing mid-stride, Cui-Fen gently rubbed Tai's back.
"...yes, baby?"
"...where go...?"
She smiled, brushing the cub's damp hair away from her eyes.
"...we're going to go see the sunrise, baby."
Tai had not been feeling well.
The last bout of fever had made her so weak....she had lost a lot of weight.
Feather-light, she weighed almost nothing as Cui-Fen lifted her from the bed, wrapping her in a makeshift sling against her chest.
They had told her what to expect. That they would make her comfortable here.
A pair of green eyes barely opened.
"...Mama...Mama no go...away again..?"
She kissed Tai's fevered brow, smiling softly.
"No, baby. Mama and Tai....together, forever."
To hell with letting her waste away here.
"..Tai. Tai, look."
Wrapping her arms around the tiny bundle of cub, Cui-Fen lifted her daughter higher, turning them to watch.
Brilliant colours spilled across the sky, an explosion of gold and pink.
Tai gasped softly, managing to lift her head from her mother's chest.
"..M...Mama! Mama, is so...pretty..!"
"...very pretty, Tai. So many much sky...."
A tiny little sigh ruffled her fur.
"...Tai....Mama, Tai tired..."
Cui-Fen swallowed, gazing down at the little cub and stroking her hair.
" can sleep, Tai. It's okay. M...Mama loves you, okay baby?"
There was the pair of green eyes gazing up at her. Tai gave her a little smile, resting her cheek against her Mama's chest.
"....Tai loves...Mama....Tai...go"
One last little sigh....
And Cui-Fen slowly sank to her knees, hugging the still bundle to her chest.
A low, keening cry slipped past her lips as she rocked back and forth.


((Beautifully written ...

((Beautifully written and particularly heartwrenching. Tai was adorable both times I saw her -- on Shannon once and on Bianca the other time, I believe -- and I had no idea she was sick. The thought of The Mountain being moved to tears at a grave, with the light of a few sputtering candles being the only illumination in the night ...


Really well done. And now that I've given my first actual blog comment here, I know more will have to follow.


Am I doing this right?))

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(( I read the first one,

(( I read the first one, started tearing up at work, and thought I'd wait beofre reading the second. And now I am crying at work.

Beautifully written, Lai. I hope "nothing is ever set in stone," indeed. ))

"I travel, I write, I kill things."