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[Cui-Fen] Aftershock

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She had no idea how long she laid on the ground.

She didn’t care. She felt numb.

She had -nothing-.

Her daughter was gone…the little bundle still felt warm against her chest.


Slowly, she stood, hugging the cub to her chest tightly.

“…Mama promised…didn’t she..?”

Cui-Fen nodded, pressing her lips to the top of Tai’s scruffy head.


With a loud crack, the ground split beneath her feet, the earth swallowing her up.


“…it’s always all or nothing with you, isn’t it?”

She opened her eyes.

“…I…how did I….”

Chuckling, the other figure in the familiar room turned to give her a smile.

“Same way we all do, Cui-Fen.”

Pressing her fingers to her lips, the shaman started to tremble.


He opened his arms, nodding.

A soft sob forced itself past her lips, and she flung herself into his arms.

“…I miss you…every day….”

“And I miss you, Fenny…but…”

He tilted her head up, smiling and stroking her cheek.

“…you can’t stay here, Fenny. This isn’t where you’re meant to be….not yet, at least.”

Guiding her across the room, Tao gestured towards a peacefully sleeping Tai curled up on the bed.

“There’s something much more important than either you, or I, right here.”

“…Tao, I…”

He seated the both of them on the edge of the bed, stroking Tai’s ears for a moment before speaking.

“…Fenny…you know as well as I do that she’s not well. I couldn’t get the help I needed for myself, but….you can, for her. Ask for it.There are different kinds of healers…more methods. It’s not hopeless. You have to try, Fenny. Please.”

He caught her paws between his own. 

“…I don’t have much longer, Fenny.”

Cui-Fen shook her head, clutching onto him.


Tao shook his head, laughing softly.

“Stubborn as a boulder…you keep forgetting that the future is never set in stone, Fenny. What you saw, doesn’t have to pass. ”

Leaning down, he gave her a soft kiss.

“…I love you, Cui-Fen. I’ll be waiting for you at the end of the long road….but it’s time to wake up now.”

Cui-Fen sat bolt upright, a soft sob on her lips.

Moonlight glimmered through the camp….Tai was curled up on her chest, fast asleep.

‘…A…a dream..?’

Tai let out a soft sigh, curling her tail up to cover her nose.

‘….I’m sorry, baby…’

She stood, wrapping her arms around the sleeping cub.

‘I’m such a stubborn, stupid, selfish Mama….so worried about being alone, I forgot about what you needed…’

The blanket she had laid upon made a makeshift sling, fastening the sleeping Tai to her chest. Another moment to hoist the pack across her back, and Cui-Fen started walking.

Towards Ironforge.

There was a dwarf she needed to see.


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(( Your earlier posts made me

(( Your earlier posts made me cry with how heartbreaking they were. This one made me cheer :) ))

"I travel, I write, I kill things."