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Saturday Highmaul, June 20th, 6:30 PM MDT

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Hi there folks, this week we're headed back to Highmaul. This past week a number of the team mentioned they wanted to offer up their healers as backups, including Junlei, Galruin, and Jormund, but all of them lack experience. I adore our healing team, but we never want to make anyone feel like we -have- to have them come to have a raid, so this will be a great way to get some experience on backups for times when the primary heal team is unavailable, or would prefer to fill another role on any given week.

So, we're doing highmaul normal with alt healers. Other alts will be welcome if they're geared; let me know who you want to bring.

We'll most likely be seeing 6.2 the week after, so that will have us back in Blackrock, with a bit of a leg up! See you there!


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I'd like to bring Shadhemir

I'd like to bring Shadhemir (prot/gladiator dps).  He's at 651 at the moment.

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I can heal or attempt boomkin

I can heal or attempt boomkin DPS on Vashtye.

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My best bet is the monk!  Can

My best bet is the monk!  Can do wind walker; don't really need experience for Mistweaver, but still missing gear.

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Not sure who I want to bring.

Not sure who I want to bring. Preferably a DPS but of course I can tank or alt heal if needed (but we really need gear and practice for others first!).

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Avri is ready and willing to

Avri is ready and willing to punch all of you in the faces till you feel better. 

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I remember healing once in

I remember healing once in late Flex SoO and in an alt run in Highmaul. That's the extent of my "healing-in-raid" experience.

If I recall correctly Moonori's GS is 655 in Holy spec so I'd like to give it another shot. I've got healbot installed, it's quite helpful and it helps a lot with the macros and key-bindings I'm used to. I think my biggest problem with healing is that I get tunnel-vision and I start to lose focus on what's going on around me (... and considering that my reaction time is already slow... yeeeeah... <.<U) I also need to work a bit better on my spells and figure out when should I use what, I've been reading Icy-Veins for that but I feel like I need more practice that isn't a 5-man dungeon.

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Hai all! I should be there. 

Hai all!

I should be there.  Standard caveat in place.


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I'll probably show up on some

I'll probably show up on some alt or another. Entirely depends on how fatigued I am after work. It's father's day this weekend so I'm going to get wrekt.

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So I will have to drive heart

So I will have to drive heart to work tomorrow and pick her up, and she doesn't get off till close to Raid time, so i might be late so if you need to start without me go ahead. 

Warlock or Resto Druid

I would like to take my warlock or resto druid to this, since they could both plausibly use some loot out of there. I can pull 17 - 19k DPS on my warlock, even with her low (645ish) iLevel. My resto druid is iLevel 652, I believe. My resto druid has healed all of Highmaul normal before, including Imperator, though we wiped in phase 4.


Just let me know over battletag please.


As always, I have a very geared holy paladin and a very geared elemental shaman, but if it's possible to bring my other two, I'd appreciate it.