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-The day after Lai’s boiling point-

Twice, now, Lai-Ning had tried to stop her mind from wandering back to her problems.

Both times, she’d managed to work herself back up into a worried frenzy, pacing around the living room, before Gozo had found her and sent her off to do something more productive.

She had managed to clean the kitchen and her bedroom before finally calming down.

Gozo was waiting outside her bedroom as she emerged.

“Little Lai....I think you have been cooped up inside for far too long.”

A big paw on her shoulder gently steered her outside, into the bright sunlight.

“Perhaps....we should start here. Little steps for a Little Lai?”

He sat and gently tugged her into his lap.

Her ears twitched at the surprisingly intimate gesture, but she didn’t feel like pulling away.

Instead, she rested her head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. A low chuckle rumbled past her ears, making her giggle very softly.

“Better? Remember, Little can only save so much of the world at once.”

Gozo rubbed her back slowly. She let out a sigh, and felt some of the stress start to fade away. Still there, of course, but much less.

“...thank you, Gozo.”

“Anything for you, my Little Lai.”