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Bad News Bear [T-Still]

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Was it a letter or through the comm? Maybe they'd actually sent someone to tell her in person? Her mind was fuzzy right now. She didn't want to miss the Dragoon party, but the farm had to be tended to. Three of her sisters had been caught out in the rain and were too sick to work and then...she lost a lot of blood but we think we can stabilize her.

Her large paw crushed the glass she was holding, causing her to jump slightly. She sat on the floor next to Anny's bed. The elf was still unconscious.

She remembered her sisters dogpiling on her. Everything was red at that point, she couldn't recall anything that happened. When she came to her senses she was already in Stormwind. A letter from Ma had been waiting for her, letting T-still know she didn't hurt her siblings too bad. Kai had managed to get close and take her down with pressure points before she wrecked too much of the house.

It doesn't look good, but she has the Light. She tensed up again. The Light. The thing she'd never heard of before these people crashed on Pandaria. Still, Anny believed in it and she'd seen what Anny could do.


“You'll be okay. You've got to.” She leaned on the side of the bed, careful to not put much of her weight on it, and took one of the small pale hands into her large paw.