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“You remind me of someone I used to know...”

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Jormund walked out of the building, Anwyna was still unconscious. Stabbed in the back in the middle of the night, right after leaving the Dragoon’s anniversary party quite drunk. The thought of walking her home had crossed his mind but she was going to Alphonse’s so he convinced himself she’ll be okay, besides nothing had happened before.

Why now?¨ He trudged through the streets of Stormwind, following Anwyna’s footsteps, all the way to the alleyway she was found. A worgen was waiting there. Female.

Jormund smiled and hugged his aunt Jacqueline tightly. 

“I need your help, a friend was attacked and I think I know who may have done it.” the paladin confessed.

“That much you said on the letter.” his aunt said crossing his arms “You know everyone and their mother will hunt you down if you refuse to tell them who he was.”

“It’s not like that. I’m sure it was someone like me...”

“Huh?” Jacqueline tilts her head to the side “Wait, you don’t mean...”

Jormund looked up at his aunt.

“I do, as much I struggle to hide it I’m a racist.” he chuckles bitterly shrugging his shoulders.

“Jormund...” Jacqueline began placing an arm on his shoulder. “You are not a racist, it’s just something bad happened to you and you reacted the only way you knew.”

“By killing them in cold blood all three of them. I... I don’t remember how, all I remember is the sheer -joy- I felt at the realization they were dead.”

“It was only natural, they murdered your family.”

“Natural...”Jormund spat “I need you to help me find this guy before the others do. I won’t let them kill him.”

“Why not? He attacked your friend, someone part of your family and she certainly is someone’s lover.”

“Oh yeah? What about him? He probably was a father as well, just like me. You and I know what it feels to have your family destroyed, mine was destroyed -twice-.”

“That doesn’t give him the right to do what he did. Your friend could’ve died.” Jacqueline retorted

“Of course it doesn’t!!” Jormund snapped “He will be brought to the city guard and be put on trial. I will not let them murder him in cold blood. Taran Zhu and the Celestials tried to reach out to us through Garrosh’s trial and apparently my friends simply didn’t give a shit that time. But I did. This damn cycle of eye for an eye needs to end.”

Jormund looked around the scene where Anwyna was attacked. 

“I have practically no tracking skills, will you help my or not?” Jormund asked again at his aunt

Jacqueline shrugged.

“Fine, let’s get to work.” she said