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Father's Day Writing

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((I wrote three things yesterday for Father's Day. So they're all going up in one big post here :) ))


Giving Dad a Break (Shillan)

“ Daee. DAEE! DAEE!!!!”

“Mmmph…s'up, kid? S’ too early…”

Shansii scoffed, seating herself on Shillan’s side and bouncing.

“S’ not! Lailai’s here already, so’s gotta be the right time!”

Shillan groaned.

“…gotta get up, Daee! C’mooooon!”

He groaned again, rolling over and unseating the little girl. Shanii giggled, bouncing out the door with a yawning Shillan behind her.

“…wait, why’s Lai here? She’s busy this weekend.”

In the kitchen, there was a flurry of activity. Small children of all shapes and races lined up against the wall, each being given a little backpack by a small Pandaren in an explorers hat.

Lai-Ning smiled brightly at Shillan, tilting her hat back.

“Good morning! I thought that since it’s such a nice day, I’d bring the children outside on a treasure hunt! We’ll be back just after lunch.”

Giggling at Shillan’s dumbfounded expression, Lai leaned forward to whisper.

“…and give you a little more time for yourself. Take the morning off, Shillan!”

She smiled brightly, turning to shepherd the herd of children out the door into the backyard.

In a still-sleepy haze, Shillan made his way back up to the bedroom, flopping down.

“….man….I gotta thank that girl better next time…”


Flashback : Welcome Home (Lai-Ning)

“..are you sure that we got a full cub here?”

Mai-Lan held his newborn daughter in one paw, gently cleaning her fur as the cub mewled softly.

Propped up on the bed, Kie-Shu shot her husband a dirty look.

“Well, that sure felt like she was full-sized to me..”

Wrapping the tiny cub in a blanket, Mai-Lan chuckled and handed her to her mother.

“I suppose so. Are…you alright, Kiki? I was…I mean…I was starting to worry and…”

A small paw wrapped around his arm and pulled him down to the bedside. She patted his paw.

“I’m fine, Mai. Just tired…gods, I could sleep for days now. But…she’s here, Mai.”

Mai-Lan slid an arm around her. Kie-Shu nestled against his side, their daughter held in the crook of her arm.

“…welcome home, little one…”

Smiling, Mai-Lan stroked the cub’s tiny cheek with a finger.

“Yes…welcome home, Lai-Ning.”

Tough Conversation (Cui-Fen)

“Mama! Mama!”

Turning, Cui-Fen smiled at the little girl toddling towards her, leaning down to scoop up the cub.

“Did you have fun playing, Tai?”

Tai nodded, her smile brighter than the sun.

“Uh huh! Tai play lots!”

“Tai also stickypaws! What did you eat?”

They stopped at the fountain to wash a protesting Tai’s paws.

“Nooo, Mama! Save for laters!”

Cui-Fen chuckled and wiped tiny damp paws off on her shirt.

“Noooo save for later, Tai. What did you eat?”

Wiggling, the little cub thought for a moment.

“…um! Was can…candy! Mat-thew bring!”

“Ooooh, I see. Did you say thank you?”

“Uh huh! Tai did!”

She was quiet for a minute, tiny nose wrinkling as she thought.


“Yes, baby?”

“Mat-thew say that ‘Papa’ brought candy, give to Mat-thew for shares. Mama, what ‘Papa’?”

Cui-Fen sucked in a quick breath. She hadn’t thought about this conversation so soon.

“….Papa is…like Mama.  But, lots of times, they’re a boy. Like Matthew. And you need a Papa and a Mama to make a cub, like Tai.”


Tai sat still for a bit, her little tail twitching faintly.

“….Mama, where Tai Papa?”

‘…oh gods…’

“….Tai Papa…well, Tai will meet Papa, one day. But not for a long, long time, baby. He went to forever sleep before Tai could meet him. He’s waiting, though! At the end of the long road. He promised Mama he would.”

The cub nodded solemnly, green eyes gazing up at her Mama.

“…Mama. Tai unnerstand.”

‘…I wish I knew how you did…’

“…Tai want hear more about Tai Papa? Mama, please?“

Smiling, Cui-Fen dabbed at her eyes.

“…his name was Tao. And Mama loved him very much…”