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A Good Heart

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Nirahsa’s hooves clopped lightly against the floor of the exodar as the shaman made her way down to the lower levels. Her fingers entwining with one another as she fidgets rather nervously. The path down was rather deserted, as Nira had chosen the later hours in order to reduce the chances of others being in the chamber.

Her descent felt like an eternity her heart growing heavier with each step until the doorway came into sight. With a swallow Nira pushed on, entering the chamber even as the melodic sound of soothing chimes began to permeate the area. She was relieved to see the chamber was devoid of other draenei for the moment.

Within the center of the chamber floated O’ros, the softly glowing blue Naaru rose and fell as if carried on a gentle breeze. As Nirahsa drew closer the multi-faceted form of the Naaru shifted to face the draenei, the chiming melody changed slightly giving the shaman the distinct impression that O’ros was smiling.

Nira stopped before him nibbling her lower lip as her heart felt like a stone, shifting back and forth upon her hooves before finally speaking, “O’ros may I…may I speak to you?”

O’ros chimed briefly.

The shaman shuffled again, “My f-friends..say I’m a g-good person, yes yes…but, how can someone be a g-good person after they’ve helped harm innocents…intentionally?” She cast her gaze downwards not looking directly at the Naaru, “After I…risked the safety of my people…just to get back at the orcs.”

The Naaru’s glow shifted brightening as Nira felt the kind warmth of the being’s presence radiate against her. A brief chiming melody of curiosity rung around Nirahsa

“Why’d I do it? doesn’t matter no no.”

O’ros chimed curiously again the melody softer this time.

Nira was silent for a moment as she nibbled on her lower lip again, “The orcs took my friends, my family from me…they t-took Shari from me. Little Shari…I-I’d promised Irahna that’d I’d look after her…t-that I’d, k-keep her safe…” Nira’s eyes welled with tears as she spoke beginning to cry openly and forcing the shaman to pull her goggles up.

The blue glow of O’ros dimmed sadly for several long seconds, several mournful chimes singing out before his glow brightened again and the melody took on a more even tone.

The tinker nodded even as several tears splashed against the ground, “I…w-wanted to make them pay, y-yes yes.”

The crystalline being slowly floated side to side while the musical chimes became soft with a hard edge to the end of each note.

“W-why’d I…stop?” Nira looked up at O’ros briefly before quickly averting her gaze downward again, “I…just couldn’t keep doing it…it made my heart ache like an empty pit, which made m-me even angrier..but that just made the ache worse. I had to stop…yes yes.”

O’ros brightened more as several soft notes drifting down to the draenei tinkerer.

Nira shook her head, “No no…I don’t want to hurt the innocent.”

The naaru floated up higher as the being’s crystalline facets drifted further from it’s core as if making several motions even as the melody shifted into long soothing notes which caused a warm feeling to rise in Nirahsa.

They also caused her to look up at O’ros again while brushing several tears from her face as she blinked in sudden confusion, “W-wait…you say I…have a good heart?”

O’ros warmly chimed again.

“I..don’t…but, how can I..I did terrible things.”

The Naaru’s warm chimes continued as O’ros drifted up and down gently.


Nirahsa nodded continuing to gaze at the being of light before smiling , “I..think I understand. Y-yes yes.” The draenei slowly rose, fidgeting briefly, “T-thank you, O’ros.”