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Mind Walk

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Rhiswyn watched Anwyna's too-still form laying in the hospital bed. The IV silently dripped beside her, while a clunky machine tracking the elf's heartbeat beeped steadily across the bed. Eventually, she placed her hand on the elf's forehead, closed her eyes, and fell into Anwyna's memories of the attack.

She--no, Anny--was tipsy post-party, humming, heading to Alphonse's place. A hand clamped over her mouth, the smell of the man filling her nostrils as she was drug into narrow darkness. The dagger thrust into her—Anny’s—back, and she arched in agony. She noted the sound of his voice as it rasped in her long ears. “This is for Theramore, elf-bitch.

As she—Anny—fell, he taunted her, blood dripping from his knife. As she writhed and gasped in the ruined folds of her lovely blue dress, he pulled his mask away and she saw part of his face. Rhiswyn asserted herself again, freezing the memory and clarifying the image, combined with those other sensations.

She stood in the tableau of Anwyna’s memory for a long moment, debating with herself. Finally, she sank back into the elf’s deeper consciousness. She removed the memory of his smell, the exact sound of his voice, the detail of her blood dripping off his blade. Rhiswyn pushed the memory behind other images; Daiyu, Alphonse, the Commander, other Dragoons, herself, all concerned and caring for Anwyna. The memory was softened as if by time—but not to be forgotten or removed.

“We love you, Anny,” Rhiswyn impressed on her friend. “We’re here, dear. We’re helping. You’re safe now. We love you.”

Rhiswyn sat up. The windows were dark as night fell on the city. The IV dripped, the heart monitor beeped. Anwyna lay still.

Rhis stood and stretched, wincing as a few joints popped. She leaned down and kissed Anwyna’s forehead. “I will show them what you showed me, dear. We’ll find him.”

As she left the hospital wing to meet with Daiyu and Alphonse, she dropped a black card, her lipstick signature impressed on one side, into the mail. She needed help searching Stormwind, perhaps beyond. Luckily, she knew just the observant colleagues who would help her.

((Should have been posted like, a week ago but I am slow.))