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[Anwyna] Awake

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The doctor had come once they heard her awake and crying into Daiyu’s shirt.

Dr.  Hearthflame was a kindly older dwarf who spoke to Anwyna calmly about her injury. She found his presence reassuring, but only slightly so, as a cold dread settled in her core. 

They preformed tests on her legs to see the extent of the damage now that she was awake. They poked and prodded her are different points on her legs, her spirit waning each time she said Nothing.

After gathering what data they needed and trying to give her some hope the good doctor left her alone with Daiyu by her side. The large Pandaren woman held her hand gently in a large paw. Anwyna knew that Daiyu was speaking to her but what she said was just white noise to her as she stared at the ceiling.

What broke her blank stare was the feeling of a cool, smooth, object being slid into her hand. She turned her head, green eyes focusing on the object.

The Silver Dragoon Commstone.

She looked up at Daiyu who smiled gently as she closed Anny’s fingers around it. 

“When you’re ready I think you should say something over it. They’ll be happy to hear from you!”

A slight nod was the only gesture she gave before turning her eyes back to the ceiling.