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Dumb Luck [T-Still]

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She was supposed to be out getting a real meal and some relaxation, but she had seen him! It had to be him, right? Why would he run when she started to ask questions if it wasn't him? Besides, he looked just like the image Rhiswyn had given her. Anger took over as she followed him.

The chase had finally ended, bringing Daiyu to an empty house in Old Town. He was already inside; the door frame cracked as Daiyu charged recklessly through it. The man was trying to ascend a flight of stairs when Daiyu caught him by his ankle and flung him back onto the first floor. His breath was knocked out of him as he hit the creaky floorboards and again when the pandaren pounced on top of him.

Daiyu's massive weight threatened to crush his legs as she sat on him. Immense paws rained down blow after blow onto his chest and face until he stopped fighting back, or even moving. He was just barely conscious when she finally stood up, his blood staining her overalls and fur.

“They'd kill you.”

His eyes were open again, at least as much as possible. He rolled over onto his stomach and tried crawling toward the door.

Stop moving!” She let out a roar like the wild animal she so closely resembled and brought one foot down onto his right leg, stomping repeatedly until the bone snapped and he hollered in pain.

“I said they'd kill you! But I didn't even let 'em know I found you because I wanted to do it.”

She wasn't sure if he was still with her so she kicked the man onto his back once more. He was still awake after all, tears and snot mixing with blood as he stared up at her through blackened eyes.

“I was going to tear you limb from limb and feed you to the hogs.” Tears began to stream from her eyes as she plopped down. The house creaked as her massive weight fell. “I can't though. You hurt the person I care about most...” She slammed a fist down, shooting it straight through the floorboard. “But you aren't a demon or some stone mogu. You're a human.”

She hung her head in her hands, sharp claws tearing at her face as she struggled to not cause any more harm to the man. “I don't even think you're evil. I know you lost friends, maybe even family, at Theramore. I lost friends to Garrosh, I know what that makes you want to do. People that don't know no better do stupid stuff when they're angry.”

She pushed up, frowning when she stepped on some of his now missing teeth as she got to her feet. “I just want to get back to Anny. I don't know what I'm gonna tell her or any of them, but I can't kill you and I don't want any'a them to kill you either.”

She looked back to the destroyed door. “Some of the people looking for you might just toss you in prison for the rest of your life, but there're a couple that are a lot meaner. One in particular is a lot scarier than she lets on, I think.”

Daiyu bent down, scooping the man up to set him on his feet against a wall. He was still clearly in pain, his injured leg just barely able to support him, but was too afraid to make any noise. “Just disappear, please. If you don't, I won't be the one to find you next time, I'm bettin'. Even if I was I don't know what I'd do.”


Daiyu ducked out of the house and cried all the way back to Anny's room.


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Anton Gregor had been hit by

Anton Gregor had been hit by a Pandaren train. Left barely standing and barely conscious he reached into his pocket with a shaky hand to pull out a healing potion. Always be prepared after all.


Collecting himself he did a slow count and mentally prepared for the pain that would follow. Putting the solid vial between his teeth be bit down on it while he set the break his leg. His cry of pain was muffled and he fell once more to the beaten floorboards. Breathing heavily he popped the top of the vial and drank the healing liquid.


He threw the vial aside, it clanging loudly as it bounced down the hall, and breathed a sigh of relief as the worst of the pain faded. The black and blue shifted back to tan and the break mended most of the way. He still missed teeth though which got him cursing.


With effort he managed to get back to his feet and tested the weight bearing capabilities of his leg. It hurt still, but he had no choice but to work with it for now. He hobbled over to the door, or what was left of the door and peers outside. He peered around with bloodshot eyes and swore again as he saw what looked like a person shaped shadow slip into a near by ally.


“Fuckin' worlds gone mad. Can't fuckin' believe those shits side with that elf-bitch.” He glowered darkly as he wiped blood and other fluids from his face with his coat sleeve. “After what they did should be killin' 'em on sight...”


He looked around trying to keep an eye out for more people trying to follow him as he made his way through Old Town's streets. She was right, though, he needed to get as far away as possible. But that would take money he didn't have.


Running a hand through his dark hair he looked in the direction of the Docks. “First, get my pay, then gettin' the fuck outta here.”



Anton pulled his worn coat tightly around his person and tried not to make to much noise as he hobbled along.

How would it end
If the truth was re-writable
Break with past
Whatever dreams you long for
I've seen what the future has in mind for me