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((Cross-posted figured I would put it here to since not everyone is elsewhere. just some random nonsense to explain some changes to avri and have some fun/practice writing.))

As she walked past a cart with some rather gaudy jewelry that was all marked “vintage” and “boutique” she couldn’t seem to think of anything to do. she was tall enough nothing made by a human for a human could possibly fit her. She didn’t -need- any new equipment and if all she did was come back with a new axe and a few throwing knives she was sure to be chased right back through the portal, so she wandered around a while longer till it hit her. literally. A small rotating pole stuck out from the side of the building and she somehow managed to walk right into as if it magically appeared in that spot to stop her and knock her on her tail. As the funny contraption wabbled and sprung a small gnome came rushing out of the shop.

“Miss are you okay?” He said offering her a hand, not so much to actually help her up as to be cordial. “I told my guy at sprocket inc I didn’t need it to be spring loaded it should be out all the time not popping out of the wall and scaring people!”

Avri blinked a couple times possibly concussed, before taking the gnomes hand and slowly getting up to her feet.

“Oh I must say I am so sorry for this! is there any way I can help?” The gnome wouldn’t give Avri any time to reply. “I know! A free MAKEOVER! we developed a knew ultra-relaxation mani-pedi-scrimshaw treatment that your sure to love! Prudence! Get out the new table ready! we got a customer!”

All Avri could remember after that was a few short turns down some hallways to the back of the salon and a table she was practically tackled on to by a couple gnome ladies in aprons with all manner of scissor, razor, and comb tucked into various pockets.

A couple hours later she woke up refreshed and feeling brand new. With a smile a young gnome with pink pigtails and a nose ring sat her up and handed her a mirror.


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((This is cute! But please,

((This is cute! But please, do NOT copy-paste directly from Word, Tumblr, or other things; it can cause excess hidden code and break things on the site. What I tend to do is write in something like googledocs or Word or Tumblr, paste whatever it is into Notepad, and then post here. It strips the coding so Drupal doens't go all batty. :) ))

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(( Paste plain-text works

(( Paste plain-text works too. ))