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“You really aren’t going to tell anyone what Vasily told you” the voice said, Pin frowned, wanting to ignore it, but knowing that would just make it keep talking.
“What’s the point? There’s nothing I can do.”
“Yeah, but don’t they deserve to know, right now I’m the only bit of crazy in your head, but what if it gets worse?”
The gnome sighed as she laid back on the bed. “Then I’ll resign, I guess, I can’t just stop now, this is all I have left.”
“You can’t keep it from them forever, you know, Vasily and Lirriel already found out from your checkups, and they’ll want to bring in other healers. And I’m sure Doc Cog knows, he keeps testing.
"Yeah, but they’ll be discreet.”
“… So, six months then?”
Pin stared at the ceiling and sighed. “To a year, yeah.”
“Well, maybe the doc will come up with something.”
“Maybe.” She was surprised with how apathetic she sounded.
“What are you going to do if he doesn’t?”
Pin rolled over to her side, “I don’t know.” She muttered out, curling herself into a ball.
The voice was merciful, and left it at that


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It interests me to see the

It interests me to see the character permanently changed because of what happened to her.  A lot of RPers have something happen, it gets resolved, and then a week later, they're completely fine.  Even if this fades in a few months, it'll have been long enough to establish itself as a permanent part of her life!