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Joined: 2015-07-08

General Information

Name: Theolidus Joseph Lightguard

Nickname: "Theo"

Title: Protector of the Light

House: of the Lightguard

Eyes: Hazel

Race: Human

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 234 lbs

Age: 26

Faceclaim: Jai Courtney

Physical Description: Theolidus has short black hair with sideburns, a black hair beard, a clean cut appearance and strong physique.

Home: Elwynn Forest

Birthplace: Lordaeron

Motto: "For Strength, Honor, and the Light!"




Formal Paladin training at an early age from his father, James Lightguard. Further training under Tirion Fordring while stationed in Northrend.


Mining, Blacksmithing, Fishing, Cooking, Marriage Ceremony Conductor




Theolidus is usually very content, humble, and willing to put others before him, even at the cost of his own life. He lives to serve those around him, as he feels it is his honor and duty to the people he protects.

He is confident in his abilities, and doesn't care for boasting. He is very calm and level-headed, and it usually takes alot to get him angry, and even at that, he acts in a responsible or inspired manner.


Theolidus' main weakness is that he often is too dedicated to his craft and duty. Although he can enjoy certain aspects of his life, he has never really had an eye for much of anything outside of his calling to the Light.

He doesn't have many friends and has never had a romantic relationship, and often doesnt concern himself with one, although that can certainly change over time, should he meet the right woman.


Theolidus has a very distinct, deep, and resounding voice. Some might refer to it as bold, authorative, and calming. You can often feel his presence when he speaks.


Theolidus is often reserved and is happy to see others enjoying their lives. He doesn't hold grudges easily, and seeks to understand the root causes of problems that may arise. He is a very big observer of behavior around him, and can sense when a situation may become dangerous and act accordingly.



Strong at heart, little Theolidus was born in the presence of leadership. Ever since he first picked up the sword and shield, his true qualities could not have shown any brighter, and the hopes of becoming a man of the Light were much more evident.

His noble father, James Lightguard was a Paladin of Lordaeron. He introduced Theolidus to the ways of the Light at an early age in hopes of his son becoming the Paladin James could never be due to his past. However, James gave his life in battle just a few months before the fall of Lordaeron, and now rests in the spirit of the Light.

Theolidus was dubbed Paladin a short time after James' death, and now carries out the ways of the Light in rememberance of him. Theolidus also made a vow to wield James' Royal Crest of Lordaeron that was retrieved from the battlefield, and now serves as a token for a promising future.

Theolidus' mother, Mary Lightguard was crushed by the death of James, but she still resides in Goldshire to this day. She now lives to see her son become the Paladin she believes in.