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Dreams of Power

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Henii took a deep breath, letting the hot, dry air fill her lungs. She pursed her black painted lips and slowly, she released it, the action calming her mind and steadying her heart. She repeated this several times as the steady thrum of energy pounded inside her.


She opened her eyes, her perfectly shaped brow furrowing as her eyes swept the scene far below her. Members of the Alliance and Horde had rallied to the Dark Portal once more as Legion poured through it's dreadful arches. Among those armies she spied banners belonging to private companies, mercenaries and heroes alike. Chief among theme were The Meddlers and Silver Dragoons, both gathered at the front, their respective leaders riding back and forth no doubt giving inspiring speeches.


They did not know the full extent of the forces arrayed against them. The Legion was in full control of the Dark Portal and horrible twisted creatures of ever shape and size poured endlessly from it. Soon they will over take Azeroth's defenders if only by sheer numbers. The had no idea the power that was preparing to crash down on them.


Another breath inhaled then exhaled as she lifted her hands. The sleeves of her robes slipped back to revel smooth crimson skin marred with glowing green lines. They knew nothing about the true power here, the power that was given to her freely. Power given to her to fight back her fears, wresting control of her life in ways she could not have even dreamed of before. She had power to shape and destroy worlds, something her “Friends” could not comprehend. They fought against her, attempting to stop her ascension from fear, from their petty squabbles, to something much, much greater.


Her glowing fel-green eyes flared brighter as she called upon the power she was given. The energy of this world all but screamed in pain and terror as she forced her will over it. She could see confusion, panic, starting to set in in the soldier below as the ground shook violently beneath their feet. The red earth cracked and split as Henii commanded fel-fire to rise up from below. Some dove out of the way, most where consumed, screaming, in the horrid pools that began to from among their ranks.


She poured more of her tainted self into the spell, turning those spilling cracks into jutting volcanos. The masses erupted among the army, dividing it, no one desiring to be caught beneath the burning rain. As their formations shattered a terrible cry rose from the crater below. The Legion forces charged while the armie's defences faltered, a tide of fel-fury washing over the last defenders of Azeroth. Her lips curled into a sadistic grin as friends she once knew were washed away in the demonic tide.


Henii lowered her arms and straightened her sleeves. She could not be more satisfied with the results her power gained. She had nothing to fear anymore and all would recognize her greatness or die because it. She turned and walked away from the cliff precipice, leaving the sounds of erupting volcanoes and screams of the dying behind.


Henii jolted upright in her bed, eyes wide and panicked as she looked sharply around her room. As her mind focused on the waking world the nightmare faded from her mind leaving only vague memories of great power and horrible pain.



Lifting a smooth, blue hand she pushed sweat stained hair from her face as the muffled sound of a running shower met her ears. Getting up from her bed she quickly moved to join Ivinara in the bathroom, hoping to banish the sick feeling the repeated nightmare left in her body.