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Posted after the break due to some stronge language.

Anton was a mess, had been since Serah and the children were lost in the blast while he had been chasing down the blood elf saboteur with his unit.

Erik had never really liked the man, too impulsive and outspoken, it had gotten him into trouble and risked his position in the military on more than one occasion.

Despite his suspicions, he couldn't help but pity thr man.

"Thanks for all the help, Erik, you really came through for me and made them realize I didn't do anything wrong."

Erik's eyes narrowed, "I'm not so sure about that anymore, Anton."

The haggard man looks up at him, frowning, "just what do ya mean be that?"

"I defended you because I didn't believe my sister's husband was capable of something like this, and there was a lack of evidence tying you to the crime. But after those outbursts in court.... You did it, didn't you?"

Anton stared him down, "don't you look down on me. That woman was a traitor, deserved worse than she got. Besides, even if I did anything, you heard the judge, I'm a free man after I serve my time for public brawling.

Erik frowned, "I should never have helped you, Anton. Serah would be ashamed of you."

The man leapt up like a snarling beast "don't you fucking dare, she'd be proud, proud that I saved others from sharing her fate! They're traitors, all of them!"

Erik calmly stood up, "I'll be asking the town guards to keep an eye on you, Anton, and the girl you hurt, you won't be getting anywhere near her."

Anton slunk back into his cell, glaring at Erik with more hatred than he'd ever seen in his life.

"Goodbye, Anton. You won't be seeing me again. I can't watch you spit on her memory anymore.

With that, he calmly stood and walked away, a stream of expletives echoing down after him.

"Fucking fool", Anton snarled as Erik closed the hall door behind him. "I don't need to get close to her, there's others who need to pay."

He jumped as he herd the squawk of a crow on his cell window, and the flapping of wings as it took flight.