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Sunday Hellfire Citadel, 6:30 PM MDT, August 2nd

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Accepting ideas for the Council fight!

Roster's up!


 Alynore, Protection Paladin

 Janyice, Protection Warrior


 Rhianon, Restoration Shaman

 Braghaman, Holy Paladin

 Darlain, Holy Priest

 Nestariel, Discipline Priest

-Room for more!


 Dolraan, Retribution Paladin

 Ivinara, Fury Warrior

 Henii, Frost Mage

 Raelithar, Beastmaster Hunter

 Jormund, Retribution Paladin

 Jialian, Combat Rogue

 Scotly, Feral Druid

 Beagen, Shadow Priest

 Twizzle, Arcane Mage

-Room for more!


Council Ideas

Which mechanics were causing the most difficulty?


Here's what I recall about how my other raid does it.  For the most part, Gurtagg and Jubei are tanked together, with the melee attacking them and Dia is tanked seperately with the ranged attacking her.  Melee focused on Jubei initially, until he is about 75%.  This is to make his mirror images easier to kill, since their health seems related to his.  After Jubei reaches 75%, melee swaps to Gurtagg, while ranged continues on Dia.  The goal is for all of them to hit 50% at the same time.  At that point the entire raid swaps to Gurtagg, and he is killed first.  We start this at 50% because Jubei will continue to be getting cleave damage, but we don't want him dropping below 30% before we kill Gurtagg.  Jubei is next to die, and finally Dia.  Jubei's mirror images are top priority for all DPS when they're active.

For positioning, we use a triangle, with Dia at one vertex, and Gurtagg and Jubei at another.  The last vertex of the triangle may be used to tank Gurtagg during Fel Rage.  However, sometimes we elect to tank Fel Rage on top of Jubei, so that the melee can continue to attack Gurtagg.  When doing this, it is necessary for the focused player to move Gurtagg away from Jubei in the last part of the Fel Rage. I am not 100% sure of why this is necessary, but it helps the focused player survive, and it allows Acidic Wound to drop off the tank.  The tank with Acidic Wounds calls out to the focused player when to pull Gurtagg away from Jubei and over to the other vertex.

Ranged stays loosely in the center circle, but moves out to drop Reap or to dodge Dia's "Wailing Horror" ghosts.  It is very important to drop Reap on the outside wall because during the Wailing Horror you can't see the Reap areas through the shadow mists.  It helps if someone will call out a warning that Reap is about to trigger, roughly 5 seconds before Reap occurs.  This gives everyone a chance to doublecheck their debuffs and take action before Reap happens.  Dropping a Reap in the center circle will cause a lot of problems.

Some players feel that dodging the Wailing Horrors is easier when viewing your character from a top down angle.  I personally don't like that view, but if you're having trouble dodging them, you might try this trick.  I find that we lose more people during wailing horrors than at any other part of the fight.





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I think our main mistake was

I think our main mistake was not putting any hurt on Jubei to start.

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Agreed; we spent too much

Agreed; we spent too much time killing his images and hit enrage. Gurtogg isn't hard to focus down, but those images had way too much health.

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Basically we are just hitting

Basically we are just hitting a DPS wall and need to figure out how to best push the council down. And there were some issues with Reap puddles being dropped all over which made everyone move around more. Considering our experience with the troll council in ToT, I' think it's just a matter of figuring out the fight and maybe trying to get to it earlier one evening so we can spend more time working on it...

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I will be here for this

I will be here for this sundays fight, but i'm out for saturday due to scheduleing at work.  On the plus side, i'm getting a more stable schedule and will most likely have weekends off again for the forseeable future.