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[Unknown] Frozen Wastes

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((Not Nirahsa, character idea toying around in my head and felt like I wanted to at least write this bit. Might do something with the character, don’t know.))

Her eyes snapped open, a bright blue glow immediately filling them as an overcast sky came into view. Small dots of ice falling against her already icy skin as the snow drifted down. Blinking the pale blue night elf slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position. The crack of ice breaking could be heard as it chipped off her frozen armor.

The kaldorei looked around at the desolate field of snow she had woken up in. She noted the frozen corpses of soldiers as well as undead ghoulish creations surrounding her. They were rather pretty to gaze at though she didn’t know why.

With another motion the kaldorie in frozen armor rose to her feet as more ice cascaded from her form to litter the ground. Blue eyes spotting a large great sword with runes engraved upon the blade that seemed to glow blue when she took a step towards it. Reaching over to grip the hilt with one hand she partially lifted it from the ground, head quirking as she gazed over the weapon. It felt familiar, but she didn’t recall ever seeing it before.

A howl carried by the wind turned her gaze to the right as she spotted a rather massive structure amidst the snow and ice, rising up in the air the fortress bore a tower that rose even further into the heavens.  It was like a crown upon the ice and, it too felt familiar. Her gaze lingered upon the inviting cold structure.

That’s when she heard the voice, like a whisper in her ear though no one was around to do such a thing, it must be her voice, or maybe it was just a voice those do happen she reckoned.

“You don’t belong there.” The voice put simply, soft and friendly, reassuring.

If she didn’t belong there, then where did she belong? She would have to find out. The armor clad kaldorie turned from the Citadel and began to walk across the frozen tundra, dragging her two handed blade behind her with one hand still on the hilt.