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[Unknown] Frozen Wastes Part 2

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((Not a Nira, still that random frozen elf that woke up at the foot of Icecrown.))

The snow continued to fall in a constant flurry as she walked, the footsteps that she left behind with loud crunches were filled in again not to long after her passing. Her right hand continued to grip her massive two handed blade dragging it behind her with no visible effort.

Infront of her dark grey blocky structures could be seen behind the snowfall, details slowly becoming clearer as she moved towards them. As she came closer the details of the structures became revealed slowly with whitewashed stone slabs carrying blue gold banners whipping about in the storm.

A voice cut through the storm, “You there! Halt and identify yourself!”

Identify myself? Why? When she thought on it more she realized she didn’t even remember who she was, so even if the question made sense she couldn’t answer.

“Stop or we will have to assume you are scourge!” The voice shouted once more sounding tense, a sense of hostility now carried in the tone.

Scourge, that sounds familiar, was I scourge?

A thunderous crack rang out and the kaldorie felt something slam into her shoulder, causing her to take a step backwards blinking as she turned her head to gaze at a fresh dent in her worn frozen armor, staring at it curiously.

“Did you miss?” A different voice shouted.

“No I hit it, storm threw off my aim”

The voices went away again, replaced by a double crack of thunder as she felt two more impacts, one piercing worn leather to bury itself in her gut while the other slammed into her upper chest armor. Body lax from the distraction of the earlier shot the icy blue night elf simply fell over into the snow.

Only the howl of the wind and snow gave her company in the after math as her mind slowly turned.

Those were, attacks? Was I scourge? Did that make me a….foe?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the crunch of snow as plated boots drew closer.

“Definitely not a ghoul, was it an old scourged footman?” A female voice asked.

“No look at the ears, sentinel?” A more scruffy male voice returned.

“Can’t be armor isn’t right kind. Oh fell it’s a Death Knight.” Came the female voice again, voice tensing instantly.

“It can’t be they don’t wander around like a mindless ghoul!”

Her eyes shifted to look at the two, the female clad in plate saw the motion eyes widening, “It’s not dead!” Both footman took several steps back as they drew their blades.

The pale blue Kaldorie slowly rose hand still on the hilt of her blade as she peered at both strange soldiers. Her mind suddenly flashing several brief images of swords clashing, a flurry or dark armor as well as the armor these two wore. It was gone as suddenly as it had appeared leaving her confused.

They draw weapons, enemies. Kill.

Her hand gripped the hilt of her blade more firmly as she drew it off the ground, sweeping it infront of her in a slice that cut through the wind as she brought the blade up in preparation to strike at both footman.

A soft voice drifted by her ear, coming in perfectly clear despite the raging storm, “No.”

Her eyes flickered back and forth, before she tightened her grip one leg stepping forward.

The voice spoke again more firmly, “You won’t strike.”

She frowned wondering what the voice knew that she didn’t.  Her arms went lax as she let the sword drop back down, blade tip crashing into the snow. The footman kept their swords drawn but their brows furrowed as they tried to figure out why the knight had stopped.

The kaldorie tilted her head to the side thinking long and hard before her lips part as elvish words emerged, “You, are not, enemy?”

The humans glanced at each other, “I don’t speak elvish.”

“Me either.”

The armor clad kaldorie frowned her own brow furrowed in thought trying to find their words before finally speaking again in a slurred common voice, “I…enemy…..not?

One footman glanced at the other, “Go get the elf priestess and more soldiers.”

He gave a nod back to her, “Right, if she tries anything shout.”

“If she tries anything you’ll know.”

The one footman turned and dashed back towards the base armor clanking as his boots crunched the snow while the other trooper continued to watch the kaldorie knight with an alert and wary eye. The Kaldorie simply gazed back at her as if trying to decide what to do next…