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The Mystery Orb (Co-op Storybuilding Game)

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So at Dar's beach party a few weeks ago, Giuli, Kaewynn, Lycandria, and Sorya went adventuring off the coast and found a strange, magical orb in a chest. Now, I could figure out what the thing does on my own, but I'd much rather drag you crazies in to do it instead...

Basically, what I'm envisioning is a kind of round-robin. In character, we'll pass the orb around to each character who wants to investigate in turn.Each player will have a chance to add something to the story, and build this up into the inevitable ridiculousness that one always gets with round robins. 

Peek under the cut for details and sign ups!

  1. What we know about the orb so far: This is what Giuli and her lady friends figured out about the orb when they found it (I will try to write a blog post soon).
    • it washed up on an tiny island just off the Gadgetzan beach.
    • A dead human with no identifying features (that we could see) was found near the orb.
    • When a player touches the orb, it reacts based on a roll:
      • 0-10: no reaction.
      • 10-60: orb becomes warm/hot to the touch.
      • 60-90: orb glows.
      • 90-100: orb shoots a beam of light into the sky.
  2. Rules for what goes: I will emphasize, I have no specific plans for this thing. I want to let people pick it up and run with it, no holds barred. But I also want to make sure we're keeping the usual rules for successful improv in mind:
    • Acknowledge and incorporate previous information. That includes both lore and other players' stories. This will get more complicated as more people get involved, but will also make the story more cohesive and satisfying as we move forward. 
    • Don't block future players' actions. If you hide, damage, or sell the orb, that means other people can't play with it. Give room for your fellow RPers to move forward. 
    • Make assumptions. Any assumptions you make will inform the plot. Don't worry about being wrong -- you can't be!
  3. Sign ups and communication: I will be assigning the orb to different players who sign up here, on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, I will give priority to people who were at Dragoon meeting if they want it (since IC they would have heard about the orb first). 
    • When it's your turn, run your idea by me first. I'll confirm that you're following the rules above, and/or try to help figure out how to make your idea fit in with what we already have.
    • Write a blog entry detailing what your character finds out. This could be anything from arcane analysis to ordinary investigative tactics. You may want to add OOC notes to help future players understand how your observations relate to previous ones -- or you can just ask people to contact you if they have questions.
    • I will be keeping a master list of all the blogs related to this plotline on this post for convenience. 

Annnd I think that's all I got! I have absolute faith in you folks to go nuts. Message me here or in game if you have any questions! :-D