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Family Ties

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Henii lay stretched out across across her poolside chair. Her loose hair spilled about her shoulders while her bikini clad boy soaked in the warmth of the afternoon sun. In the pool itself splashed Shillan and Ivi, entertaining little Duvaan who floated in an inflatable ring. Ivi jumped onto Shillan's back, making a ruckus, much to Duvaan's giggling delight. Henii smiled as she listened with closed eyes to her family enjoying themselves; today was going to be a good day.


To Henii's left came a pair of small hooves skipping across the cobble stones leading from the manor's back door. Shansii fiddled with her bathing suit after coming to a stop at Henii's side.


“Hi mommy!” The young girl exclaimed as she looked to the pool and bounced excitedly.


“Hello sweety, you took your time getting ready. Is everything alright?” Henii asked while cracking an eye to look her daughter over.


“Mmhm! I got a surprise visit from Grandma and we played a little.”


Henii raised her brow, “But Talnii is out of town with Okine. Did daddy's mommy come by?”


Shansii shook her head quickly, making her wavy hair swish, “Nuh-uh! It was another Grandma.”


A cold lump settled in Henii's core as she sat up quickly, “Another...” She shook her head, “Sweety, why don't you go play in the pool with Daddy and Mommy.”


Shansii gave Henii a nervous look, “Is everything okay mommy?”


“Of course sweety, don't you worry.” She gave her daughter a quick hug, “Just go have fun and stay close to daddy, okay? Tell him all about Grandma and the fun you had.” Smiling at Shansii, she gave the girl a light tickling making her squirm and giggle which banished any bit of worry.


“Okay mommy!” Shansii said before hustling to the shallow end stairs and getting into the water.


Henii got up from her chair and pulled her bathrobe from the back of it. Wrapping herself in the purple cloth she strode quickly inside her home. Curious prodding touched her mind from Shillan and Ivinara over their private mental link.


Just listen to what Shansii says, get her talking about every little detail. Maybe she just has an imaginary friend but if not...I've got a bad feeling.


She reached out mentally to the multitude of barriers and alarms protecting her manor for any kind of intrusion. To her confusing none had been tripped and all remained intact. She mulled over this as she ascended the main stairwell to the second floor and made her way to the play room. She paused at the door and strained her ears but could hear no noises from the other side. She touched the knob and quietly turned it; opening the door cautiously she stepped in.


The room itself seemed as it should. Brightly coloured with toys neatly placed about the room. Bookshelves with colouring books and stories sat untouched. No signs of anything out of the ordinary was apparent in this room yet Henii could not shake the feeling foreboading as she stepped into the room.


A soft glowing light caught her eye which emanated from the Kaldorei lantern that bobbed slowly in the corner of the play room. The elven light was hand made by Kistra and an anonymous gift from a Draenai she didn't know, yet bore something of resemblance to...


Her thoughts were cut off as the sound of heavy hoof steps stormed down the carpeted hall. Ivi burst into the room, her expression hard as she focused on Henii.



“We've got a problem.”