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Hellfire Night 2, Sunday September 6th, 6:30 PM MDT

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Gorefiend's gotta die! I hope we get more dps for raid time! There's not enough for all the healers to heal! 


 Alynore, Protection Paladin

 Janyice, Protection Warrior


 Braghaman, Holy Paladin

 Darlain, Holy Priest

 Kistra, Discipline Priest

 Nihelenya, Restoration Druid

 Moondrely, Restoration Druid



 Dolraan, Retribution Paladin

 Lycandria, Subtlety Rogue

 Scotly, Feral Druid

 Telandrylia, Retribution Paladin

 Neun, Frost Mage

 Jormund, Retribution Paladin

 Impeach, Retribution Paladin


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I will be absent for raids on

I will be absent for raids on the 6th, 12th and 13th due to being on the other side of the country for a week! I'll stay in touch via the website while I'm gone.