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Saturday Hellfire Citadel, September 12th, 6:30 PM MDT

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I require one or more volunteers to use an alt to save a lock for us. Specifically, a lock with the entire iron horde army and Baroness Roboto slain, that in future weeks we might skip them because they're tedious and lame. This alt will need to be one who does not raid beyond LFR, and is able to extend the lock week after week for our cause. Post below who you offer!


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Moon and I will most likely be out

I know i've mentioned this before, but we'll most likely be gone Saturday, though we'll be able to bring both our Legendary Rings on Sunday :)

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If others want to tank night

If others want to tank night one, I can bring Rhis for heals or Ark for lulzdps, and to hold the lock. I can force myself to heal LFR on Nore for potential tome drops as needed.

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I can offer to bring my disc

I can offer to bring my disc priest to heal instead of Bragh, but her iLevel is only 664. So I don't know if you want to risk it.

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but but but I want to gear up

but but but I want to gear up just ONE of those alts....  ;^;  I must be the only healer that has fun fighting the first two bosses.  Skittles, I can definitely do without....and the Council.  I hate that fight. >_>  The reaver is the most fun I've had in a long time.

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Granted, I haven't healed the

Granted, I haven't healed the fights yet, but as a tank, I really just don't like the giant trash pull "boss." Rounding up everything is a pain, and it's a boring, lazy fight design-wise; fight more of the trash we've just cleared, with an added mechanic or two you only need to peel off 1-2 people for? Eh. I can see where the constant assault would be interesting healing stamina and throughput-wise, though!

I don't mind Reaver. If there's going to be a tank swap, it's always nice when it's more interesting than "taunt on X stacks of Y debuff." So far that's been the case with swaps in HFC.

My only issue with Skittles is the slimes, that makes keeping positioning a pain, and there are moments it's really easy to get a damage burst and die, but that's just not paying attention to one's own CDs or that the healer's are still grasped! XD

I have an easy job on Council, I admit; I just keep the boys busy hitting me in a corner, they don't really DO anything to the tank, it's just side-stepping ghosts and repositioning if I get Reaped. Bit boring for me.

Kilrogg is boring as the offtank; a main tank can just mitigate the debuff, removing the need for a tank swap. I just DPS him until there are adds, and drop my heal-y hammer on the melee during death throes, when it's up.

Mostly, the fights are interesting and varied enough depending on your role, but there are a LOT of bosses in HFC and we're having trouble at the wall that is Gorefiend, who can let us skip those first six once we get him down, so we're going to have to start locking to get people gear off Council and Kilrogg, and until we can reliably get past Gorefiend (and get his gear).

But aside from the pretty dress, there's not much else many people need from the first couple bosses anymore--maybe an item here or there, and there are comparable ones from LFR/Baleful items or later in the instance anyway, we don't need perfect stats in our normal group. Frankly, I'm having trouble gearing in HFC; there's little I need at this point, besides upgrading my crafted stuff, or offspec gear, and I feel like that's because of garrison and Tanaan Jungle things. o.o

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I show up and I heal every

I show up and I heal every week. I know all of this.

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Mostly "thinking out loud"

Mostly "thinking out loud" and we do have some others who are fussing over a single "perfect" piece of gear who might check comments!

It does feel though like this is one of those instances where as a healer I'd be more stressed than I am as a tank; I've noticed that about some of the raids (like back in Blackwing Descent; way more intense as a healer than a tank at times!).

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I was intending to bring in

I was intending to bring in an alt balance druid for the fight, I could duck her out before skittles so we keep the lock next week.

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I could do something crazy

I could do something crazy and like... bring a tank xD