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Vindicator Surprise!

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Nirahsa’s tail swished back and forth energetically as the tinkerer leaned over her workshop bench.  A smile upon her face while using a torch to melt small ropes of silver in place. Hands steadily moving to keep from using to much upon the metal pot. Putting the last touches in, Nira flicked the torch off and set it aside before stepping back to admire her work.

Head tilting off to one side as she tapped her chin, “I wonder when Dacianna’s birthday is…hmm probably far away yes yes, either way it’s too long to wait!” She swayed her hips back and forth  before picking the kettle up and inspecting it.

The heating coil was in place on the bottom within a small housing to keep it from burning anything, the small power cell near the back would keep it running in the field. The handle was slightly enlarged and carried sugar that was dispensed in measured amounts with a button press from the top.

“Good good, yes yes nothing out of place everything has to be right can’t give her a shoddy piece of equipment no no!” The shaman grabbed her spanner and made several small adjustments before nodding to herself.

“There, done! Now…hmm,” She tapped her chin again pondering, “Should I just give it to her? Or put it in a box like they do winterveil presents?” Her face lit up, “Box, yes yes! All pretty on its own leaving her wondering what’s inside she’ll never guess it’s a self-heating tea pot! No no!”

Nira’s tail snapped back and forth before she suddenly frowned, “Does anyone have pretty paper in the garrison? ….I have to at least put it in a box before I go find some can’t risk her seeing it before I give it to her, no no!”

The shaman dashed over to a corner going through several items toss them aside before she picked up the box they were in, “Yes yes perfect!” She headed back to the workbench to put the tea pot inside even as there came a mechanical sigh from Stitchy.


“Now I have to organize those again,” The small little bot groaned before he trudged over to take care of the new mess.