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[Cui-Fen & Tai] Punkin'

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Leaves tumbled from trees surrounding the fields Cui-Fen was working in, carpeting the small harvest of pumpkins the shaman had coaxed out of the earth before the weather changed.

Sitting on the grass just past the field, on a small checkered blanket, Tai -had- been watching her Mama work….but, as toddlers were apt to do, had gotten distracted with the leaves and her toys

“Rar! Leaf monsters gon’ eat all candies an’ cookies an’….an’ all tasty things!”

Leaves crunched and flew from Tai’s tossing them about, falling into her hair and across the small gathering of toys she had assembled in front of her.

“Oh noes! What do?! Hows can smiles with no tasty things!”

More leaves scatted across the toy assemblage as Tai let out her version of an evil laugh.

“Eeehehehehe! Is all for leaf monsters! No cans stops!”

Suddenly, exploding out of her little backpack, came the fierce Mr Norg!

“Ha! Stops there, leaf monster! No cans takes away sweets for self! Sweets is for shares! Right, Tai?”

Tai nodded in agreement, leaves falling from her hair.

“Right, Mr Norg!”

Roaring a tiny battlecry, Tai charged her plush through the leaves, crunching them into tiny bits. The checkered blanket was very thoroughly coated in leaf fragments before the valiant Mr Norg flopped over in exhaustion.

“Is no goods! Too many leaf monsters…poking and making ouch!”

Tai gasped, full into her dramatics, and looked far and wide, a tiny paw shading her eyes.

“Oh noes, Mr Norg! No worry, Tai helps! Wif…..BATTLE ARMOR!”

The tiniest pumpkin (all the tasty inside bits scooped out) plopped down in front of the battered hero. Some wrangling and pushing occurred, and….

“HA HA! Gots you now, leaf monster! Punkin’ Norg, GOOOOO!”

The flurry of tiny limbs flailing about and fierce war cries made Cui-Fen look up from her work. She couldn’t help laughing, dusting off her paws and making her way to the battlezone.

“…my goodness! What happened here?”

Tai giggled, brushing leaf bits out of her hair before holding aloft a triumphant battle Norg.

“Mama! Punkin’ Norg gots the bad leaf monsters!”

“He did? Thank goodness, I was starting to worry I would be buried out there! Thank you, Mr…I mean, Punkin’ Norg!”

The plush let out one last war cry, then disappeared back into Tai’s bag.

“Ooof. Fights leaf monsters is hard work, Mama. Tai hungry!”

Cui-Fen smiled, dusting off more leaves from the toddler, then scooping her up.

“Then…how about we get some lunch, hm? Soup and sandwiches?”

A great amount of happy wiggling occurred, along with a cheer! Smiling, Cui-Fen bent and cleared the battlezone, loading everything back in the bag and shaking off the blanket.

“…Mama? Says Tai can has cost-yoom for big party laters?”

“Hallow’s End? Of course, baby.”

Giggling, Tai hoisted Punkin’ Norg up high.

“…wants be Punkin’ Tai!”

“A pumpkin, hm? I think we can do that! Lucky girl, getting to dress up!”

Laughing and chattering, mother and daughter made their way back inside their little home.

Happy with another perfect autumn day.