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The Tanaan Coastline

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The Alliance ships steamed through the waves as they crashed against the hull. Nirahsa stood near where the prow would normally be but this transport ship lacked. Instead of a prow the vessel had a large wooden ramp reinforced with steel. The ship was a smaller transport ship intended to transport steam tanks and drop them off in hot spots along the shore.

Fel cannon fire thundered in the distance as they approached their destination, the Tanaan coastline. Even as the cannonballs whistled by several seconds later to splashing into the water and sending up acrid smoke as the fel fire continued to try and burn.

Closing her eyes for a moment the shaman focused while sweeping her arm across the landscape ahead causing the winds and waters to churn bringing in a thick fog to obscure the sights of the Fel Horde trying to stop her ship and the other two still charging forth.

They were almost there, Nira could see a fel infused gronn turning towards them pounding the ground in a challenge as Fel orcs prepared their lines for their quarry. Nirahsa frowned deeply she felt the fear in her at the sight of those abominations. Several images from the past flashing by her eyes of what similar monsters had done on her Draenor, but she was fed up with them, fed up with Orcs always turning to demonic energy as soon as they started losing.

The three alliance ships crashed into the shoreline their shallow hulls sweeping up onto the beach. Orcs bellowed out war cries even as the ramps of the ships dropped. The Fel Gronn roared out already charging forward, when a violet blast of energy lanced out from Nira’s ship blowing the gronn’s head off entirely. The carcass of the beast thudded to the ground and slide to a stop causing the Fel Orcs to hesitate in surprise.

Risha stomped off the boat with Nirahsa jumping onto the back of the machine as it went past her spot before it reached the sands, the large mechanical robot let out a blaring warble that actually caused several orcs to take a step back despite their bloodlust.

“And there isn’t a trace of fel in her at all! No no!” Nira called out briefly in broken orcish before frowning, “Risha, kill them all.”

“Command Confirmed,” Risha bellowed before she moved forward firing off another violet blast from one hand annihilating a shore cannon, even as Nirahsa began to fling lightning bolts. The orcs began to attack in a disorganized mess as a steam tank rolled off each of the other transport ships and several units of alliance ground troops began disembarking after them setting up their defensive line before pushing forward.

The Orcs had thought their fel power would let them crush any enemy, but Nira intended to have RIsha show them just how wrong they truly were.