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Amelia's Disappearance: Part 4 - Beyond the Portal

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(Malavis the Insane)

Malavis has his assistants inject Amelia with an unknown serum, as she pops through the portal. The assistants try to contain her with the needle finally emptying, just as Malavis enters and the portal collapses. The room seems like a very closed off laboratory, with a chair in the center of scattered vials and tables to the side. Potions are churning and bubbling.

Amelia immediately lets out a deep feral growl, roaring as she rips into his assistants. Clamping her jaws down on one's shoulder, she viciously shakes her head. She plunges her claws into its stomach and angles them both outwards as she rips through. She flings him into the other assistant and proceeds to essentially do the same to another.

After she's finished with them, she turns towards Malavis. Fire burning in her eyes, in half worgen form. She's growling and salivating at the muzzle, appearing to be studying Malavis and gauging his strength.

Malavis smirks at the carnage as more assistants race in. "Ah yes... just as I expected. Fierce... Ferocious... Unrelenting... Savage and feral. You are the perfect specimen for this... oh yes... perfect."

Amelia sees the assistants rushing in and sets about ravaging through them. Amelia speaks in a deep feral tone. "You are going to die a slow, painful death warlock!"

"You are certainly mistaken... you will succumb to MY will... and it all starts right now..." Malavis finishes with an evil smirk, watching as the assistants surround Amelia. He begins to cast some dark, demonic magic that is slowly waning Amelia's movements.

Amelia easily slashes through the newcomers like they're nothing, their dead and decaying Forsaken flesh doing little to stop her claws and teeth flurry. However, each swing eventually comes slower, each chomp with less force. The magic is slowly draining her even with her immense resilience.

A few large orcs finally come around the corner, as if waiting for the weakening to begin. The assistants seemingly nothing more than a fodder display to Malavis' liking. The orcs step in and look to restrain Amelia down to the chair, facing the ceiling. She is still giving quite a fight, but can't quite manage to get a meaningful blow to them at the moment. Malavis continues the spell until the final moment she is secured.

Even as the orcs restrain her, with the smell of fresh blood, she finally manages to clamp down on one of the orc's throats. She easily holds him in place as she drinks his blood, somewhat giving her enough strength to wrestle out of the others' grasp. She slits his throat but finally seems physically drained, slumping in the chair and giving a low growl as she watches the warlock.

Malavis tightens his grip with his spell, as Amelia slips down onto the table.

Amelia attempts to growl and thrash, though she's tiring considerably fast. She looks Malavis dead in the eyes as she rumbles. "You wont break me! I live for the pack! I won't betray them! I will die first you filth!"

"We shall see won't we?" Malavis cackles evilly and spawns demonical magical clamps around her limbs, restraining her movements and completing his channeled spell.

The bitten orc holds his throat, gasping for air and falling to the floor bleeding out. The two other orcs look at each other for a moment, then to Amelia as they drive fists into her chest. After a few blows, Malavis stops them as he approaches, ordering them to clean up the mess as he steps around various body parts on the floor. "I appreciate the decorations, this room always did need a bit of color..."

Amelia growls through the punches, snapping at their fists. As Malavis orders them to stop, one orc goes for a last punch. Amelia catches his fist in her maw and clamps down, locking her jaw. She begins to grind and chew on his hand before the other one punches her, making her release. She looks up at Malavis, swallowing the bits of hand in her mouth. "I can't wait to give it a 'personal' touch then. Maybe you'd like to be apart of it?" She snarls.

Malavis smirks. "I... admire your passion and your unrelenting will to get just the slightest of nibbles of me..." Suddenly a shot shoots into Amelia's back from beneath the chair, causing Amelia to go completely limp. "But the most you will ever do, is gaze upon the creator of your demise."

Amelia gives a sharp yelp as the needle shoots into her back. She snarls as sleep tries to take her. "You won't get anything from me or out of me! I'm ready to die for the pack! I always have been!" Before completely succumbing, she whimpers out. "Lycan and Skip'll get here. Then you'll..." Her head bobs. "...then you'll pay." Her head finally slumps over, and tongue lulls out.

"Not quite yet, my dear... but they will come soon enough..." Malavis then waits for her to be completely out, before muttering on. "When you are ready." He smirks deviously.


Malavis then moves off toward what seems to be a floating orb above a nearby table. It appears to be a framework of Amelia's mind in a magical projection.

He nods to a few assistants that were spared Amelia's wrath, looking much more professional. "Start the tap... We need to see where this girl lives, and transform the world she knows... The only thing she will know is hate... Hate for the woman who did this to her... the one who couldn't stop what's coming."

After a few moments, Malavis begins channeling through the orb and tries to find Amelia. He comes across a cabin, with a shape prowling around the outskirts of a clearing in a lavish forest. There is vague yelling, mixed with crying coming from the cabin. He continues to dive further into the vision, smirking a bit. "Oh... let us see what painful memories she hides..."

Inside the cabin, there's a young human Amelia in some sort of confrontation with what appears to be her mother. Words are fuzzy, but Amelia reacts angrily and starts to head outside. She opens the door and tries to rush out, but is knocked back by the same prowling figure from earlier in the vision.

The creature bites down on Amelia's shoulder, before she has any time to react. Her mother screams as the worgen shakes, and then releases Amelia into the bow rack next to the door. Amelia slumps to the ground. Her head bobbing about and left arm mangled.

The worgen starts towards her mother, but somehow Amelia lifts her head and grabs a bow and arrow. She stands up slowly, drawing to full before releasing. Her arm makes a horrible breaking noise.

The arrow flies as Amelia slumps in the door way, craddling her left arm with her right. She watches as the worgen sinks its teeth into her mother, and rakes its claws into her flesh. The arrow only nicks the worgen's muzzle, deflecting deep into the wood beam in front of the worgen and mother.

Suddenly, the vision swirls as Amelia snarls in her half worgen form. "I've moved past this filth! I've accepted what has happened in my past isn't my fault. That I gave everything when others would've already collapsed. Poking around here will give you nothing!" She snaps at Malavis, and the orb's image of her mind fades away.

Malavis smirks. "Oh dear, soon you will learn everything is relative." He laughs evilly, and channels through the orb once more.


The orb slowly fills again with the image of Amelia as a worgen. She is with a pup and hiding in shrubbery watching something from afar. The orb rotates so that a barn and house is in view. On the porch of the house is a couple with their child; a girl of maybe ten and her parents.

Suddenly the mother's neck gushes blood from an arrow, now sticking out of it. The little girl lets out a scream as the father hides her. He then roars angrily, picking up his short sword and buckler, scanning for the attacker.

The pup quickly races toward the porch, and launches himself at the father. He braces himself and bashes at the pup. He overextends and leaves himself wide open, just as an arrow strikes him in the heart. The man falls and eventually bleeds out, leaving only the little girl on the porch.

Amelia approaches the porch and stands over her, fire in her eyes. The little girl is understandably frozen with fear. Amelia's muzzle closes around the child, as she begins to eat her alive.

The orb swirls again to reveal Amelia snarling. "I was angry at everything! Why did she get this happy life while I didn't?!" Her ears lie flat against her head. "I was wrong and I regret most of what I did my first year turned." Amelia snarls again. "But my past is what made me into what I am, and I'm not ashamed of who I am now! You won't break me! I 'will' die before I betray the pack. Lycan took me in when no one else would! She helped me, cared for me, confided in me, so she means so much more than you could fathom filth!"

The orb fades again as Malavis smirks at his assistants. "That is enough for now, continue the drip throughout the night and monitor her brain activity. Even the mightiest cave over time..." He cackles. "The pride and strong will of this one will make it so much sweeter."