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[Ginwhistle]Operation: Operation.

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The white lights of the surgical theater shone down on Pinapple Peppercog as she sat in a chair, a series of straps and clamps holding her recently shaved head in place. Soothing music flowed into her ears as an IV provided her with a concoction of relaxing agents and light sedatives working to calm frayed nerves and dampen the fear she might feel as the doctors prepared to perform their dangerous task. In the room with her, draped in white surgical gowns, caps, and masks, the surgical team made their final preparations. Sitting in a sterilized wheelchair, Anwyna Evershine checked one of the readouts on Ginwhistle’s brain scan device before wheeling in front of Pin and calling the light and shadow to her, her magical aura gently reaching out to touch Pinapple’s mental essence. She would use her magic to monitor Pinapple’s psyche, in ways the devices could not.

Off to the side, Doctor Coggleonty was surrounded by readouts and syringes, each filled with different chemical cocktails ready to handle any physical emergency that the surgery might cause. Adrenaline, various hormones, painkillers and more were at his fingertips, ready to be introduced via the main line or more directly via syringe if need be. Loudest in his head was the repetitive chime of the heart monitor, its rate slightly elevated above the norm.

Behind Pin’s chair, Doctor Ginwhistle held up his gloves hands for final check by his new assistant, Cyclops the professional I.G.O.R., on loan from Truthhammer Industries, and looked up at the raised window where a number of concerned onlookers waited in the Fink Industries viewing lounge. He sighed a bit inwardly at the spectacle of it all, but knew that the tallfolk would likely drive themselves mad if they weren’t able to witness what was going on. Happily they’d be behind inch-thick glass and only sparingly able to distract him during the procedure. He looked over the scans again, the raw data entering his mind via his eyes and being translated into a picture of Pinapple’s brain, including the tumour that was the target of today’s procedure. Cyclops gave him a curt nod as she finished checking his gloves, and they approached the patient, his assistant wheeling up the cart of tools ready to be used.

Clearing his throat, he addressed the room, and via the speakers, the onlookers. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are ready to begin the surgical procedure to extract and eliminate the tumour currently threatening our patient. We will begin immediately. Doctor Coggle, has the entry area been sterilized and anesthetized?"

The elder gnome looked up at Ginwhistle. “Yes, everything has been prepared, and vital signs are within normal parameters. Heart rate is slightly elevated, as to be expected.”

Gin nodded. Only to be expected considering what was at stake. “Very well, we shall begin by exposing the skull on the occipital lobe, scalpel please.” Gin took the laser scalpel that was placed in his hand, a device of Anwyna’s own design, and began his first incision. Before long, the skull on the back of Pin’s head was exposed. Then came the drilling, making three holes in the skull. Ginwhistle spoke loudly as he did so, hoping to drown out the disturbing noise of the tool being used on a living being. “Once I have drilled the holes, I will use a special cutting device to open the skull proper without risking damage to the tissue beneath, and then the real work can begin. Patient status?”

Coggle gave a thumbs up from his displays, and Anwyna gave Ginwhistle a smile as shadow continued to cross the gap between her and Pin’s head. Ginwhistle had to admit, having a priestess for such procedures had its benefits.

After a few minutes of blood, cutting, and irrigation, Ginwhistle used a probe to gently remove the section of skull and gain open access to Pinapple’s grey matter. “The brain is now exposed, and…. I have sighted the tumour in question, along the left side of the occipital lobe. Tumour is approximately seven point five centimeters in length, as anticipated. We will begin removal by first applying chemical solution S6 to destroy the outer tissue…” he narrated, moving his tools aside so that Cyclops could get in with the cotton brush coated in the solution. “Once the solution has penetrated the outer layer of the tumour, we will proceed to use scalpels for excisement.”

The work continued for another agonizing thirty minutes, as Ginwhistle checked his tools for readiness and centered his mind while the others kept Pinapple healthy as best they could with her brain exposed to the air. Careful irrigation applied by Cyclops, adjustments in medication from Cog, and magical assistance from Anwyna flowed into Pinapple as Ginwhistle gently probed the tumour, until it was finally time.

“I am now beginning the primary extraction incision. This will be the most important cut.” It felt to Ginwhistle that the whole room held its breath as he carefully lifted the tumour with his probe. He could only imagine the stress of the onlookers above as he gingerly reached in with his scalpel, its metal blade sharpened to a laser edge. This work would require great finesse. “I have exposed the connective tissue, and I am performing the incision right where it connects to the healthy matter… now!”

Twenty two minutes later, Ginwhistle gently removed the discolored mass of tissue from Pin’s head, placing it in a glass dish for post-operation examination.

“Extraction is now complete. No cancerous tissue detected at primary site. We are ready to close.” He declared. “Swelling is lower than anticipated, so the skull flap will be reattached at this time.” Cyclops stepped up, deftly closing up as Ginwhistle turned to address the onlookers. “While we will need to monitor our patient closely for the next seventy-two hours, I am confident that we have met with success. Thank you Doctor Coggleonty, Priestess Evershine, and our esteemed colleague from the IGOR program for your assistance” he finished, before turning to look at the tumour in the glass dish. Once his patient was in recovery, he intended to spend a great deal of quality time with the offending flesh, and he would determine exactly what those maniacs in Gnomeregan had done to the Major. There would be a reckoning soon, and Ginwhistle would learn all he could to ensure that the madgnomes responsible had every sickening act they’d performed brought to light, consequences and all.