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Lycandria's Journal: Entry - Surprise Lunch

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(Lycandria Marilyn Ravenholdt)

Another busy morning at the garrison. Questions bombarding me left and right, papers needing to be reviewed and signed. Slips to be filed, letters to be sent off. The situation with Amelia in the back of my mind, and why haven't I heard from Dalaran yet. Oh and that's right, Curlaina and Timory. It's not like them to miss a meeting, at least recently. Another potential problem?

I need to find time to train up before our next push into the citadel. Oh, the order from Evan's shop in Stormwind. I wonder when that will arrive. Electra and Istera have been working on something, and I'm not sure the rest of the league is ready to hear it. Oh, and how can I forget... Baurus. He must be working himself to the bone. So many things, and no time to worry. How can I not worry?

Sitting at a desk within our hall, I'm sorting papers and trying to get something off my list of things to do. I glance at the time. It's not morning anymore, and I hadn't eaten. Didn't look like I was going to have time to either.

About the moment I was going to hold my head in my hands to take a breath, Doran comes through the doorway. As he got closer, I could smell the aroma of a freshly prepared dish. It was covered, as he stood holding it and smiling. I smile up at him, clearing a spot on the table. He carefully sets it down, lifting the cover.

He brought me the works. A roasted breast, potatoes, freshly prepared vegetables, a warm roll, and a small glass of my brandy. He even brought a small slice of some decadent dessert. Everything smelled wonderful and was such a welcome surprise.

He sat with me while I ate, just talking. I could notice a bit of concern on his face. Perhaps I was more pale than I knew. Still, he smiled and made me feel valued. Even after the whole thing, choosing Baurus over him, he was still here. Still in the league. Still sweet to me. Still constant. Still stable. Still a rock.

As it turns out now that I'm writing this at the end of the day, if he had not brought me anything to eat, I don't know when I would have. It's nice to know he is still looking out for me, and a small corner of my heart still has him tucked away.

I don't think it will ever happen, me and him, but there's that deep gut feeling within that won't go away. Sometimes in the quiet moments of my soul, I still wonder 'what if?', but I know that's not fair to Baurus.

But then again, the question looms. Why? Why is it still there?