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Saturday Hellfire Citadel, October 17th, 6:30 PM MDT

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First floor content (Skittles through Gorefiend) awaits us on Saturday.

Also curious how many people still seek the tier pieces from Skittles and Gorefiend on their primary characters?


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I already got the hat from

I already got the hat from Skittles but I still need the pants from Gorefiend. Bonus rolls have been my worst enemy since the first day we downed him. 

Still, if the ones who need tier from Gorefiend are in the minority I don't care. We still have like 4 bosses to go I can always get my tier bonuses elsewhere.

"When there is a will there is a way"

"Lead? Me? Nope, no no no no. Bad things happen when I lead. People die and I appear somewhere in Horde territory... with no pants!"

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I will probably bring Rhis if

EDIT: Taking a night off, unless you guys seriously need me.

I will probably bring Rhis if I can, because I really don't care about Nore's tier at this point--I should, maybe, but whatever. There's other gear and I tank just fine as is. I got my Ring and that's my grind for the expac (and if I decide I don't want it or care about it, it'll finally drop, right? Also this is totally making up for me winning all the mounts...).

This is a big raid and we're only a little over halfway through it. Rather than trying to get every single raider every single piece of "optimal" loot, we really ought to be goofing our way through new bosses and their equivalent item drops. Impeach made a point in Mumble the other night, taken from his more diverse raid experiences, that it's more optimal for the raid as a whole to move on if the majority is done with a boss; single pieces of gear for single raiders can either be subbed in with the available sidegrades from future bosses, or gotten via other means. As Jormund said, there are several other bosses and possible combos for tier.

At the very least, I could see extending the lock to only leaving Kormrok and Gorefiend up if people really need the tier bits to get bonuses--everything else is far more optional. Not to mention we're sharding or RP/transmog rolling most of that loot as is, even on alt runs.

Frankly, I've been bothered by an emphasis on perfect gear and optimization lately; that's not why or how we raid, and I wonder if WoD's approach on random stats has been more of a bother than a boon for casual guilds like ours. It just feels different than "Man, I'd like that particular trinket cuz it's awesome" or "that weapon/piece of armor looks cool" as in the past. Now it's "need the perfect stat combo" and "maybe they'll be a tert/socket/warforged bonus" added on. Getting good stats to do a good job is nice, but we're not counting every half-percent in a race to the finish, either.

With Blizzcon around the corner, we'll probably get a much better timeframe for when Legion will come out; I'm already getting sick of this place, or at least the first floor and all the time it takes that could be used on me freaking out at new content to tank and oh light Drogar's going to make me do things other than hit the mans~!

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I'll be busy with family

I'll be busy with family again this day. Won't be able to heal.

love to join you guys

love to join you guys again...this time my wow is not restarting my pc. :)


Moon still needs tier off Gorefiend. 

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I'm not too interested in

I'm not too interested in first floor content anymore, much like Nore.  That being said, I know ranged dps has been hard to come by, so I will still be around and available to raid.  There's some really great items on the bosses further in, and getting to experience the new content is why I love raiding.      

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First 6 vs Last 7

Lycandria (rogue and main) still needs the pant token off Gorefiend, otherwise they are both done (rogue and hunter) with the first 6 bosses at this point. I do understand the case made about different tier combos, but my rogue personally cant take on the shoulder token, since I already made a 715 in that spot for a reason. Yeah it might go against the optimizational thing people are against, but this was a move made long ago and will mean nothing when Ly has the pants.

I have also done a pug for normal Velhari and Mannoroth on the rogue, and while I didn't get loot, it's still an outlet to consider if you just have to have that piece. (For example on my rogue, I really need the multistrike/agility proc trinket off Velhari, and the chest tier and dagger from Mannoroth)

For me personally, there isnt much loot worth having from the first 6 bosses that cant be replaced by something better on the last 7. The only exception to that in my opinion are trinkets and tier. Tier for obvious reasons, but trinkets are so vastly versatile that a lower level one may actually be better for you than something higher up.

My rogue needs absolutely nothing off Zakuun or Xhul, but I'm more than glad to help everyone else. (The hunter could use the tier shoulders however so that's a plus)

Tier Update for Lycandria
Lycandria (rogue, melee main) - Needs Gorefiend and Mannoroth for 4 set
Lycandria (hunter, ranged backup) - Needs Xhul and Mannoroth for 4 set 

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Beagen doesn't have tier

Beagen doesn't have tier pants yet, but I'm not too fussed about it to be honest. 

I think I may take the night

I think I may take the night off as well. I've been learning lots at my new job and I've been feeling pretty tired lately. I feel bad I haven't been able to hang out as much because I've been working super late, but I am very happy where I am now.

Nihe has the Tier she needs( more of a want because my OS tier is freaking adorable) from the first floor bosses. I think I've seen enough of those guys personally. I'm more into seeing the new bosses. I don't know if I will be able to make it tomorrow either due to my partner wanting to go to the movies a little after raid, but I'm going to try since I want to see the new content.

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"Need" vs "Want"

I'd really love to get past the word "need" in regard to pixel gear that make our pixel characters perform better.

Pixels that will be upgradeable soon with Valor being re-added in the incoming patch, so for instance claiming that a current 715 will always be better than a normal Tier piece isn't going to always be the case; combine upgrade and bonuses, and that's going to be handy.

Pixels that will be replaced in the next big patch or expansion anyway, as that's the nature of the game. The closet to "need" these things have is for their looks for RP or future transmog--which is a consideration for some tier gear or their lookalikes, certainly.

"Need" implies vital to survival, and that is not the case. Tier is darned useful for the bonuses it offers, but it's not necessary.

People WANT certain gear for optimization or transmog or bonuses or whatever. It won't make or break the raid in any way if someone doesn't get something they'd like--we've all been there at some point, and will be again. Yay RNG.

And I still dislike the random trait loot system. It's dumb, and only exacerbates these ephemeral loot issues, where it's perfectly viable for someone who already has that piece to roll again because of a new stat or warforging or whatever. I made a random bracer from a garrison mission to DE and it was the same thing I had, but with a tert on it and it actually annoyed me.

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Eh, I don't mind using

Eh, I don't mind using need/want interchangeably in this case. I don't think any of us are frothing at the mouth at the very idea they might not fill out a BiS list (and if they are, man are they in the wrong house).

Reason I ask about set pieces is because, aside from the archie trinkets, they are the most fun things to get. They change how you play the game, at least for a little while, and that makes them more exciting than just some better stats. Asking where folks are lets me gauge where the raid wants to be spending our time!