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Sunday Hellfire Citadel, October 25th, 6:30 PM MDT

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First floor content, the last first floor content for a while. Starting in November we'll be focusing more on punching our way through the higher ups in Gul'dan's forces, and ending the threat to Draenor for good. As in past weeks, alts are welcome!


 Janyice, Protection Warrior

 Alynore, Protection Paladin


 Braghaman, Holy Paladin

 Rhiza, Restoration Druid

 Beagen, Discipline Priest

 Kistra, Holy Priest

- Room for more!


 Drogar, Survival Hunter

 Telandrylia, Retribution Paladin

 Xavryu, Retribution Paladin

 Finkswitch, Combat Rogue

 Jormund, Retribution Paladin

 Lycandria, Beastmaster Hunter

 Twizzle, Arcane Mage

 Scotly, Feral Druid

 Nirahsa, Elemental Shaman

Room for more!


Rhiza's picture

As Jia. Gorefiend stole her

As Jia. Gorefiend stole her pants and I really have no idea what he wants to do with them, she must save them from him before he decides to try to put them on.


Kistra's picture

I am pleased to announce that

I am pleased to announce that none of my 3 healers need Gorefiend's pants. However, I will eagerly volunteer my assistance in aiding others to steal Gorefiend's pants.  ;)

Lirriel's picture

Hrm. Guess Nore can tank or

Hrm. Guess Nore can tank or heal in an attempt to steal pants, now that she actually has a piece of tier. Hat would mean giving up max-upgraded goggles, but I guess that's a thing, too.

Finkswitch's picture

Giving up the goggles for the

Giving up the goggles for the 2 piece is worth it, but maybe you'll get lucky and get a hat AND pants! Or just pants! Pants! Paaaaaaantz!